Ensure your beneficiaries have access to huge set of solutions to help them keep healthy & engaged

As health insurance costs are constantly on the rise, the insurance provider organizations need to shift the focus more towards keeping their beneficiaries healthy at all times. In addition to insurance coverage, beneficiaries should also have access to supplementary solutions that will help them live a disease-free life.
We at Truworth put an extra emphasis on preventive health while designing a customized wellness program for your beneficiaries. We follow a holistic approach in designing our wellness programs. Our programs cover all key areas of wellness - nutrition, fitness, health management, and mental health.

We offer a diverse range of solutions

Health Risk Assessment

Our Global Health Risk Assessment (HRA) collects information from individuals in a systematic manner and evaluates their health risks as well as quality of life.

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Biometric Screening

One of the most sought after services are our onsite Biometric Screening services. Biometric screening is an integral component of any Workplace Wellness program.

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Multi-Modal Communication

Our new advanced digital coaching platform provides a multi modal delivery system that inspires health improvement, one engaging small step at a time.

Disease Management Programs

The disease management programs have specific modules to manage diseases such as -

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Thyroid Disorders, and so on
Health Device Integration

Our platform is easy to integrate with third-party health devices such as Blood-Pressure monitor, Glucometer, Wireless Pedometers, and other devices that track your health vitals.

Condition Management Programs

Some of our most popular Condition Management Programs are:

  • Obesity Management
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Heart Health
  • Smoking Cessation
Online Wellness Portal

Online Wellness Portal is designed to keep you engaged and motivated by offering small tasks that you can complete in a day’s work without too much effort.

Reporting and Analytics

Our administrative tools enable you to check the progress of your wellness program Easy-to-run reports that shows how the employees are doing with the help of key indicators such as enrollment.

Helpline Services

Our team of dedicated doctors and physicians help in providing medical helpline services to your end-users.

  • Medical Helpline
  • Nutritional Helpline

Data Security & Compliance

Your data is what makes our platform so powerful. Therefore, it is our utmost responsibility to make sure your data is protected at all levels possible. All data is encrypted with using the top-level industry practices. We are a HIPAA compliant and ISO 9001 certified organization.

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