Our Wellness Approach

At Truworth Wellness, we believe in the amalgamation of innovative technology with personalized wellness coaching to provide best-in-class wellness solutions for your company. Most importantly, we believe that we can set in motion a wave of change in the current approach to wellness across India.

We have implemented elements of gamification, incentivization, social networking, and behavioral economics to support employers, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical caregivers around the world in their efforts to empower their employees and patients to become healthier.


The true success of a wellness program depends on sustained behavioral changes and lifestyle modifications. Therein also lies the greatest challenge of measuring and quantifying the same. We have not only been able to monitor, measure, quantify and analyze the same but have also been able to build and deliver customized and personalized solutions to our B2B and B2C customers, making us the #1 Workplace Wellness company in India.