7 Desk Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress At Work

Desk Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

There is no surprise to the fact that spending more than eight hours each day sitting at a desk can be really dangerous for your health. The strains of sitting in the office chair can lead to some serious issues like shoulder, neck, and lower back pain through pressure on the lumbar spine, over-stretching of the mid and upper back, as well as shortening of the hips and chest. However, there are various yoga techniques that you can easily follow to relieve these tension and stress at workplace.

Below mentioned are the top 7 desk yoga poses that you can follow at your workplace to relieve stress and feel more relaxed.

Desk Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

Desk Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

desk yoga poses  desk yoga poses desk yoga poses desk yoga poses

yoga poses desk

5 Ways Employers Can Reduce Stress At Work


Our daily work pressures are compounded by the near constant news streams of layoffs and foreclosures as well as our current troubled economy, which simply means that employees are feeling the effects of stress and anxiety more than ever before. With this scenario in mind, there has never been a more appropriate time for employers to keep the initiative of reducing stress at workplace a top priority.


To reduce stress at work, it’s essential that managers lead the employees by examples. If you’re a leader it is very important that you keep a lid on your own emotions; don’t let anger, negativity, or stress rub off on your employees. Always try to practice what you preach and make sure that you de-stress at the end day, either by going for a run, socializing with friends or enjoying quality time with family. Similarly, arranging walking meetings instead of meetings in the boardroom, booking a holiday and taking regular breaks will not only help you in staying in a better frame of mind but will also show your employees that it’s absolutely fine to take a little time out.


It has been said time and again, that regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle is very important when we talk about combating stress at work. Various employee wellness schemes, like contributing in employee gym memberships or organizing healthy eating challenges is a great way to aid employees to unwind and feel better.


Employees spend a larger portion of their day with their co-workers and hence it’s important they efficiently get along with each other. The more people cherish their time at work, the enhanced the atmosphere will be. And a healthier office atmosphere means increased collaboration, productivity, and creativity. Organize team get-together and create a fun atmosphere at least once a week. Play a game, arrange lunch parties or invite a motivational speaker to the office. Social activities are great for reducing stress, team building and boosting morale.


Open communication is vital in leadership; keeping employees update about changes, expectations as well as regarding their own performance, as it keeps them on track as well as reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your team abreast with the most recent departmental changes as well as developments. Try to make open communications, as open communication serves as a  two-way street and the more you interact with your employees, the more likely they are to share ideas, thoughts, and concerns, resulting in a healthier work culture and stronger working relationships.


Stringent working hours are a key stress inducer, especially for women. Allowing employees for flexitime schemes or to work remotely is proven to be good as it boosts up the morale and leads to profitability. By taking such initiatives you’re not only building trust among your employees but you’re also taking away added stress, for example, considerations of child care from the working parents. Just be sure that you manage such flexibility by building open communication and by simply outlining clear parameters and expectations.

Truworth Wellness CEO featured on BTVi’s Rising Stars

Rajesh Mundra, CEO of Truworth Wellness, featured on BTVi’s Rising Stars and shared the inception and journey of Truworth Wellness in the preventive healthcare space as well as the State of Health & Wellness in India.

During the interaction with the interviewer, Vikram Oza, he explained that what triggered the need for Truworth was the deteriorating corporate lifestyle and the rising cost of healthcare and insurance claims.

Acknowledging his experiences he further added that the challenge for him was to provide the user with a preventive wellness culture and help him to modify his lifestyle as well as drive behavioral modification. To achieve that he laid the foundation of a very compressive, structured and outcome oriented wellness program for corporate which is powered by our state of art engagement platform, the wellness corner.

Mr. Mundra conveyed how different techniques like gamification, socialization, offering reorganizations and rewards are used to promote wellness among corporate. He delightfully added that Truworth has so far tasted the success and is progressively evolving through its customized engagement programs for the corporate. At last, he shared that the idea behind Truworth is to rise as a one-stop health and wellness provide for the user.


Employing Fitness Trackers For A Successful Corporate Wellness

fitness tracker

Since the introduction wearables or fitness trackers a constant rise has been noticed among companies utilizing it for their corporate wellness programs. According to a research by the year 2018, employers will incorporate more than 13 million wearable fitness and health tracking devices into their employee wellness programs.

A lot of corporate organizations are already using wearables as an element of their corporate wellness strategy and a lot more who are concerned in integrating the feature of device integration with their platform.

Technology is highly influential in almost every aspect of our life, including our health. Employers have started to take advantage of this trend to increase the social factor and boost engagement of their wellness programs and they’re really finding success!

How are employees opting fitness trackers? You can never force your employees for participating in any wellness program; however, you can offer ways to help them get involved.

It’s important to note that by participating in these fitness programs a certain amount of anonymity is lifted, as the employer gets the access to an aggregated data pulled via the fitness trackers. Most of the time this information is utilized for designing enhancements to benefits programs as well as tailor incentives to further enhances performance and health at workplace, more than any negative impact or punishment.

What success are employers finding?

Employers that have successfully implemented fitness trackers into their wellness programs are experiencing more productivity, lower health costs, as well as happier and healthier employees.

Integrating fitness trackers or wearables in your office can offer you the following benefits:

1. Increased Data Accuracy

According to a Survey a large number of employers, use incentives to inspire behavior change. With the introduction of fitness trackers, it has become very convenient for both employees and employers. Now, rather than exclusively relying on employees to self-report their progress whether it is cardio minutes, calories data or daily steps walked, data is automatically uploaded from fitness trackers to their wellness technology platform, giving employers the assurance that the data is absolutely accurate.

2. Strengthens Behavior Change

Today’s fitness and health tracking devices makes it really easy and simple for the employees to monitor their progress and track changes in their health.

3. Social Connection Boosts Wellness

Fitness trackers or Wearables directly link participants to an online health community. It can be with family, friends or co-workers, where they can share fitness information and compete with each other and showcase their victory.

5 Workplace Wellness Ideas You Must Implement In Your Office

Workplace Wellness Ideas

A lot of companies these days are promoting employee wellness programs not just to attract top talent, but also to keep them productive and happy as well as decrease employee turnover.

According to a survey, 80% of employees working with companies offering robust health and wellness programs feel more engaged as well as cared by their employers.

The key to a successful corporate wellness program is encouraging overall wellness, yet keeping it fun. If you can’t get your employees engaged then your wellness program ideas will soon lose steam. So try to make your initiatives enjoyable and fun, try new out ideas and see what works for your team the most.

1. Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Motivate your Employees for healthy eating habits. Avoid carbohydrates and consume more protein and nutrients.

healthy eating

“Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

2. Avoid Soda and Sugar-Laden Drinks

Daily consumption of artificially sweetened and sugar-filled beverages is harmful to our health. Make a switch to some healthier alternatives, for example, flavored waters and minimally sweetened teas.

say no to soda and sugary drinks

 “Soda is the tobacco of the 21st century.”

3. Conduct On-Site Yoga Classes For Fighting Stress

Conduct Yoga sessions in your office and invite yoga instructors every couple of weeks to provide proper guidance to all the employees through yoga classes.



“If you work on yoga, yoga will work on you.” 

4. Promote Standing Desk

We sit in the office the entire day, so why make your sitting chair into a standing one? According to a Research spending more of your day standing could reduce the risk of various diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Also, standing and walking a little in the office area makes people more creative.

standing desk

“A little Standing goes a long way, it increases your muscle, mobility, and flexibility.”

5. Organize A Fitness Challenge

Corporate wellness companies must organize a fitness challenge where employees compete with one another to win. These type of challenges not only creates a fun atmosphere but also serves as a great way to get the competitive juices flowing!

 Health competition

“Competition is a good thing; it forces us to do our best.”

Regardless of the type and the size of your business, there are quite a few reasons you as well as your employees can benefit from a workplace wellness program. As these programs serve as a vital component in keeping employees happy, attracting top talent, as well as play a major role in decreasing absenteeism and employee turnover. There a numerous workplace wellness ideas that you can implement in your office and enhance your workplace well-being.

Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs

Benefits of Employee Assistance Program

People rarely get through a lifetime without having to deal with some sort of personal problem. An EAP offers employees with a variety of methods to deal with personal issues that otherwise could result in a negative impact on their job performance, such as personal problems outside the workplace or any work-related stress. With an effective EAP, employees have an opportunity to get into direct contact with trained counselors 24 hours a day as well as in-person, if necessary.

Below are some benefits of Employee Assistance Program:

1. Confidentiality

Your employees are most likely to be grateful for the fact that they now have someone with whom they discuss and share sensitive issues in a complete confidence. With an effective EAP, the employer is never informed when an employee utilizes the service, hence, the employee doesn’t need to worry regarding endangering the job status or any potential black mark that might hinder the career.

2. Quick Response

Employees usually have access to an EAP 24×7 that simply means that they don’t have to wait to seek any assistance. If an appointment with a counselor or any medical professional is necessary, the employee can simply contact the EAP and set a meeting. Because the employees are free to contact anytime, they no longer have to worry regarding calling from a work phone.

3. Avoiding Escalation

Work stress can upsurge over a period of time and can perhaps result into some serious conflict with the fellow employees or moreover escalate into a violent situation. With an efficient EAP, the employee can take help during the premature stage of a problem, which can further prevent it from turning into something really serious.

4. Personal Issues

An EAP can also assist employees in dealing with some issues that are completely outside of the workplace but can possibly impact their job performance. A lot of people deal with some of these issues, that include depression, marital strife, grief, substance abuse etc. EAP provides a platform where employees can discuss their issues and share their problems and get them resolved or at least learn to cope with them so they won’t impact their performance on roll.

5. Employer Benefits

As the employer, an EAP offers a lot of benefits to you as well.  As when employees have access to a various resource where they can find the remedy to their potentially debilitating problem, it can reduce turnover and even absenteeism. As a result, you’ll have a more productive and happier workplace. You might also become capable of minimizing the cost of your health care plan, as employees start to utilize the EAP to fight off stress-related illnesses, resulting in fewer visits to the doctor.

Why Unfit Employees Are A Huge Business Risk

Unfit Employees

Employees are not robots. It’s inevitable that they’ll fall sick and require rest to come back to work.  And that’s the reason why we have health benefits and paid sick days. But, what about the situation where employees fall ill very frequently? Here business has to suffer and deal with issues such as loss of productivity and absenteeism. In any case, productivity cannot be achieved if your employees aren’t around in the first place.

Employee Wellness

Conceivably this is the major reason why nowadays companies are increasingly taking employee wellness seriously. With no or less productive employees, businesses take a hit — no salesperson to close deals, no cashiers to manage the counters, no developers to build the software etc. Any company in any industry is directly affected by unhealthy employees. It’s a huge business risk for each and every employer, no exceptions.

Work-Life Balance

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to encourage employee wellness, one of which is a corporate wellness that encourages work-life balance. A lot of companies offer flexible working hours as well as locations to their employees in order to provide them sufficient time for their personal lives. This is because individuals who get the opportunity to pursue their interests, as well as relationships outside their jobs, are healthier and happier. As they become less stressed and more content, they achieve greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and they become more valuable employees and less of a business risk.


Another method to encourage unfit employees is by promoting exercise in the office. It might seem counterproductive to request employees to squeeze personal wellness and fitness into their already demanding schedules, but according to a recent study, it has been proved that exercise lowers down stress and improves work-life balance. After a good workout, our body releases endorphins which sequentially produce a natural high. Therefore, people who exercise regularly are not as stressed as compared to their couch-potato counterparts.

Also, regular exercise improves self-efficacy as well as one’s capability to complete tasks they started. Thus, fit employees are well employees who are imperative assets for any organization.

The Employer’s Role

This doesn’t mean you only have to hire the employees who are fit. But as an employer, you must encourage your unfit employees to do exercise regularly. And in case you’re already encouraging work-life balance through some or the other way, for example, flexible schedules then you’re absolutely on the correct track. When people have free time to spare, they can find a way to include regular workouts in their daily routine.

There are several other things you can do to encourage corporate wellness on top of work-life balance. You can go for constructing a gym within the office premises, get into a partnership with a club to present discounted memberships to your employees, invite some fitness experts for consultation, sponsor team activities etc. Yes, these will cost some amount of money, but you must consider it as an investment without the business risk. Ultimately, organizations who take care of their employees achieve a lot more as compared to what they spent.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness for Employers

Benefits of Corporate Wellness for Employers

Employers who desire for lower insurance rates, as well as healthy and productive employees, should definitely consider the benefits that a workplace wellness program offers. In case you are paying for too many sick leaves, or you simply want to boost the productivity, or you want to take a step forwards for the health of your employees so they live longer, then consider why a corporate wellness program is right for your company.

1. Fitness decreases healthcare costs

When employees are encouraged to eat nutritious and do regular exercise, they will have healthier and longer work periods. Also, they won’t fall sick very often and will exhibit more energy. Women who do exercise and lift weights are less likely to develop chronic bone diseases like osteoporosis, and males lifting heavy loads will also benefit from resistance training. When employees utilize their lunch breaks not just to eat but exercise, or when tea breaks are used for a quick walk around the office instead of a quick smoke, everyone’s health will be benefitted!

2. Fit employees are more productive

According to various studies, it has been proved that regular exercise boosts brain function. Therefore, fitness not only lowers down the healthcare costs, but healthy employees are smarter, hence, increase productivity! When you exercise, you breathe deeper and harder. All the extra oxygen stimulates your brain. Healthy employees encompass more strength and stamina.

3. Employees want corporate wellness programs

Employers that implement corporate wellness programs in their office have one more benefit to present to the prospective employees. When you present corporate wellness packages to your employees as part of your benefits package, you actually become a magnet for all the “well” applicants. If you desire for healthy employees and healthy applicants, you must provide a corporate wellness program.

4. Employees on wellness programs show gratitude

When fitness is readily accessible for employees, unhealthy employees are more probable to turn their lives around. A discouraged, obese office worker who now has access to online nutrition counselor and on-site gym will definitely start to make better choices. It will not only make your employees fit but your business blossom! You will be responsible for a healthier and happier workforce. Moreover, your employees will appreciate you for providing a healthy and safe environment and in turn, happy employee will work harder for the success of the organization.

5. Fitness for employees is fun

Granting permission to the employees to visit any specific online health site during working hours as well as conducting small games for refreshment is definitely not a waste of time!  As when employees will enjoy the little breaks and fun, it will keep them refreshed and energized, and they will resume work with a greater enthusiasm and deliver superior quality work, making you cherish the benefits of a corporate wellness program. You can also install small workout facility for your employees, to create fun and fitness atmosphere.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees happy and encouraged and at the same time run a successful business. When you implement a wellness program in your organization, it will not only make your employees fit but will also boost the productivity as healthy employees are happy and happy employees deliver superior work quality. Also, implementing corporate fitness will lower down the health cost and other issues such as absenteeism, sick leave etc.

Is Your Company’s Stress Management Program Stressful in Itself?

Stress Management Program

Stress is costing each industry big time. Billions of dollars are spent annually in illnesses, diminished productivity, absenteeism, burnout etc. There is no surprise to the fact that a lot of companies have been fighting the epidemic of stress aggressively with an armory of anti-stress initiatives. However, the nagging question still remains unanswered.  If all the stress management programs are so efficient, why a lot of workers are still stressed out?

The answer possibly lies in the fact that several organizations are simply trying too hard. In an attempt to reduce stress, they are in reality adding to it. Their success programs may be well-intended but they are quite complex and time-consuming, they’re heavy on theory and requires a lot of reading and recalling.  As a result, these programs don’t connect with employees on their level.

Remember, what individuals who are stressed lack the most is patience and time. They do not have a single minute to be a part of the lengthy stress seminars. They hold very little patience to sift through wordy guides and procedures to uncover those rare nuggets of advice that is relevant to their situation. Some stress program merely addresses the symptoms of stress instead of eliminating the causes. They have a very little lasting effect. Workers soon become cynical and frustrated, believing that nothing will work out, and start over with their costly, stressful ways.

Human resources and management professionals can overcome these obstacles and effectively manage stress and “reach” their employees with certain solutions that not only connect with the employees but also stick with them.  A nice way to began is to present employees with simple, candid and targeted strategies that they can quickly incorporate in their lives, specifically techniques that gather their attention and provide results. Make sure that these strategies are less intrusive, take little in their implementation, and get the user started on the correct track, with the right attitude.

Follow the below-mentioned strategies to significantly reduce workplace stress.

1. Execute one thing at a time.

Do it well. Do it mindfully. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then move to the next thing. Multitasking is great sometimes but not all the time. Make sure you’re focused on one task at a time.

Accomplishing several things at once consumes more time overall as compared to doing them sequentially. Also, it consumes an excessive amount of mental energy, so you fatigue more quickly. Lack of focus also results in unreliable performance, careless mistakes, and shoddy work. Worst of all, when you have to redo things. This is not the correct way to do things. Give undivided attention to whatever you’re doing. Take time to get it perfect. In this way, you’ll not only be more productive but less stressed, in a long run.

2. Be a team player.

It’s less stressful and more productive to work as a team. When you distribute the responsibility and work among your colleagues the pressure eases, and everyone becomes more cooperative with a sense of responsibility. By contributing work we can easily balance out our collective strengths and weaknesses. Let go the urge to put it all on yourself or take all the credit. Society is all about team effort and success most satisfying when everyone’s involved.

3. Forget about deadlines. How about startlines?

For everybody so obsessed with the completion of the project, we’re all too casual about the time to get it started. And this is the most critical aspect of all. It clearly explains why so many deadlines weren’t met. Rather than stressing over something which is due, focus towards getting it underway. Set a “start-time.”  A start-time can be described as a time before which it’s vital for you to get the project started so that it’s not performed in a slapdash and rushed manner. Stick to your start time, as it not only assures unhurried and efficient performance but eliminates workplace stress and anxiety that goes with it.

4. Stand up and stretch.

Especially when you have a sedentary lifestyle at work. Your day at work shouldn’t be like a nine-hour plane journey. From time to time get up from your chair, stand and stretch your legs and arms. Take a walk, climb stairs, roll your head, bend from side to side as it will enhance blood flow, loosen cramped joints and muscles, and relieve you from workplace stress. Give yourself a quick tune-up at least once in two to three hour.

5. Maintain your presence of mind.

It’s very easy to get flustered, panic and moreover, lose your tranquility when you’re pressured and rushed. Your mistake level rises, carelessness abounds and civility usually goes out the window. This makes the things worst. Therefore, practice maintaining your presence of mind in pressure situations. Take deep breaths as well as approach the crisis with control and calmness. You’ll realize that you can actually handle things more efficiently and efficiently when you strive to keep yourself cool.


3 Tips to Launch A Corporate Wellness Program That Really Works

Corporate Wellness

It is an undeniable fact that employee wellness is something that matters to both employers as well as employees. A healthy employee is more productive and happier, and this certainly reflects well on the business as well. But in case you don’t have a corporate wellness program, you probably aren’t paying enough attention to your employee’s health. Check out the tips to launch a corporate wellness program.

Benefits of Employee Wellness

Wellness and health are very personal, and it evidently benefits the individual more than anyone else. But the rewards of managing a workforce filled with healthy employees extend beyond just the employee-side benefits. Businesses do earn a lot of benefits just by putting employee wellness first. It is difficult to neglect the impressive returns that health and wellness program brings to the sponsoring organization.

Let’s check some of the benefits of  Corporate Wellness Program:

1. Happiness

All the employees who take part in workplace wellness programs tend to get greater job satisfaction. This is due to the fact that wellness programs show employees that their organization really cares for them. Also, it makes people feel better, both mentally and physically.

2. Enhanced productivity

There is no surprise to the fact that good nutrition and physical activity positively shape our brain and hence, enhance productivity. It also offers a lot of long-term benefits such as better focus, more energy, and extra motivation. All of these are extremely valuable benefits, regardless of the role or industry.

3. Stronger community

Employee wellness programs work amazing for all the companies that are simultaneously trying to bring employees closer together and strengthen their culture. A lot of companies have admitted that with challenges, group activities, and common “non-work” goals, they have succeeded in forging stronger, longer lasting communities.

Keys to a Successful Program Launch

Merely developing and launching a corporate wellness program isn’t sufficient. There’s a huge difference between an average program and one that’s highly effective.

1. Lead From the Top

The most horrible mistake a company can ever make is initiating a wellness program when there’s a lot of dissension in the higher levels of management. Sadly, it’s quite common. In a lot of organizations, you’ll notice that HR supports a wellness program, while executives and managers go along with it reluctantly. But when it’s about leaders there’s no place for reluctance.

If the CEO eat pizzas and cheeseburgers for lunch each day and spend all his weekends watching football and drinking beer, employees won’t buy into the program. They’ll believe that the CEO is just implementing it for the return he’ll get on his investment.

So, prior launching a program, ensure that there’s buy-in from the upper level. This is how people get excited about their participation.

2. Focus on the Right Tasks

A lot of deliberate planning must go into building a corporate wellness program that actually works. This means keeping the focus on the important areas that present the maximum employee- and business-side benefits.

As for nutrition and health, which will most certainly take up the maximum engagement from employees, there are a lot of ways to encourage participation.

For example, you could:

  • Organize personal training sessions to teach
  • Offer employees an extension of 15 minutes at lunch every day, if they take part in any physical activity.
  • Offer healthy and cheap dietary options in vending machines.

3. Make the Program a Key Focus

If you’re investing in a corporate wellness program, you apparently require getting something out of it.  One common mistake that you’ll see is that organizations spend a lot of their time developing a program and when it comes to building engagement and excitement they are completely clueless.

It is very important for the people to know your program, its motive, and its benefits as it will not only drive employee engagement but will help you in building a successful program. For this, you can follow the following strategies.

1. Apply marketing principles

In the initial stages, you must treat your program the way you treat any product that you’re trying to sell. Effective marketing will drive participation and increasing visibility.

2. Focus on benefits

In order to encourage buy-in, you must focus on the benefits. What will employees gain by participating in the program?

3. Develop an incentive plan

Few employees will participate as they’re interested in being healthy, while others will require a little extra coaxing. For this latter group, a targeted incentive plan will work great.