3 Employee Wellness Ideas To Attract Top Talent

3 Employee Wellness Ideas To Attract Top Talent

Employee Wellness Ideas To Attract Top Talent

Employee performance and employee wellness are closely knitted. A  culture of health and wellness drives results by building an engaged workforce. The connection between performance and engagement is very well-established. Teams that are engaged have been shown to outperform competitors in various categories like profit, employee retention, and productivity.

While there exist seemingly endless ideas of employee wellness, yet few prove to be the good employee wellness ideas. Always keep in mind, a well-intentioned idea of employee wellness with a minimum or zero participation is a waste of time as well as money.

So here we’ve come up with 3 employee wellness ideas that will not only create a positive impact on your employees but will also keep your workforce excited and help you make a more engaged team.

1. Snacking Healthy  

We’ve all become a part of an increasingly snacking culture. According to a recent survey, nearly 91 percent of the population snack multiple times throughout the day. But unfortunately, a maximum number of employers offer traditional, low-quality vending machine that comprises of soda, candy and other low-quality snacks loaded with chemicals, sugar and saturated fat. These snacks not only hinder productivity with energy crashes but also seriously impacts the health of employees in a long run. 

So, what better way to take care of your workforce’s overall nutrition than providing them with easy access to healthier choices of snacks all through the workday. These healthy options will offer your team will a lot of energy boost during those long working hours.

2. Count Your Steps

A little healthy competition is just what your team needs to motivate them to make exercise a daily practice. Gamify fitness in your organization by creating challenges and incentives. Hand out small prizes or gift cards for the most progressive yoga classes attended or gym sessions logged. Better yet, offer employees with wearable fitness trackers to kick start a team walking challenge.

As teams mostly consist of people with different age groups and fitness levels, the key is to formulate both team and individual goals to keep everyone motivated.

3. Go Green

Various studies have demonstrated that building close relationship with nature can increase sociability, relieve stress as well as make us more active, and even help soothe mental illness.

Mere closeness to green space can build a positive impact. Potted plants in workplaces have been shown to do everything from boosting job satisfaction to lowering the blood pressure. Nowadays, vertical gardens are one of the most popular ways to build greenery in the workplace.