6 Common Corporate Wellness Myths

6 Common Corporate Wellness Myths

Corporate Wellness Myths

Myth#1. Corporate Wellness Is Very Expensive

Corporate wellness programs are amazingly inexpensive and also have been proven to be really cost-effective. The returns in reduced costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Increased energy, focus, and productivity at work return enormous benefits. Increased camaraderie and loyalty from a workforce that recognizes the employer’s concern and support decreases turnover, which is yet another cost saving.

Myth#2. Corporate Wellness Is Time Consuming

Involvement and support of management is a must for an employee wellness program to be successful. However, it should not be considered as a time-consuming endeavor. Most importantly, much of what employees can do to participate is mostly done outside of working hours. If you’re willing to allow extra time for your employees during the work day to exercise, so much the better. But if you aren’t able to spare the time during the work day, they can even exercise during lunch or after work with really quick and effective 20-30 minutes workout regimens.

Myth#3. It’s Difficult To Analyze If It’s Working

When you set up an employee wellness program in your organization, you should also determine what you wish to achieve with it. Healthcare cost reduction, productivity metrics,  and reduced on-the-job illness will provide statistical evidence of the wellness program’s effectiveness over time.

Myth#4. Falling Sick Is Out Of Control

Incidents of illness are mostly because of our lifestyle choices. According to a survey, six of the top seven causes of death are the result are lifestyle choices. An individual’s wellness, all the way from how often they suffer from cold to their potential for any type of repetitive stress injuries or serious diseases, is quite a bit more in their control than we usually want to admit.

Myth#5. There Are No Facilities For Exercise

You don’t require a gym in order to have room to exercise. There is absolutely no need for any huge investments on complex gym equipment for your employees to exercise. Workouts sessions can be easily conducted in small areas with body weight for resistance and are amazingly effective.

Myth#6. Employees don’t Participate

In an organization all employees cannot be considered unfit and insisted to participate in the wellness program. Many of the employees could be already involved in physical activities and there might be employees who need some education and guidance before actively participating in the program. You can have incentive  facility for such employees who need to be a part of corporate wellness which will attract more population across the organization. The incentives given to employees could be a part of reduced health insurance cost or an additional one if your company has the budget for the same.