5 Fun Ice-Breaking Activities for your Workforce

5 Fun Ice-Breaking Activities for your Workforce

According to some researches, co-workers are one of the most preferred parameters for employees to like their jobs. A friendly environment and team help in the transition, making it smooth and immediate. Imagine coming to a workplace too formal in its organizational structure, or the ergonomics not supporting interaction, would you want to spend your entire day at such a place?

When companies don’t invest in the team-building process or don’t facilitate interactions, it not only interferes in the process of building a strong team but also affects employee engagement, happiness, and productivity severely. Therefore, it becomes imperative that employers invest in their human resources and let them further the interests of the company, in return.

Enumerated below are some fun icebreaking activities to help your team know each other better, which increases their chances of association to the place and consequently makes them more invested in the company.

Fun Activities in Office

Go Anonymous

It is a simple activity with a profound impact, assisting in building stronger relationships by letting you release your inhibitions and stating out our mind and heart, out in the open. (Without the risk of getting reprimanded for it).

Hand out cards or chits to everyone, asking them to write anything they have noticed about their co-workers without putting in their names. The chits are passed on to relevant people then. It helps in building up camaraderie, and also assists in an employees’ mental wellbeing by letting them vent out their innermost emotions, otherwise difficult to say.

Guess who?

Split your employees into groups or pair depending upon the strength, and have them something interesting about themselves, it could be anything crazy that they have done, for instance, some dangerous trek, mountain biking, pet peeves, etc.). Put the chits in a bowl and have them pick up randomly. The reader has to guess who has done the stated thing and why they came to that conclusion.

Seek like-minded people

When you run a large company, it often becomes difficult for departments to interact, apart from their direct areas of interest. To help them get to know each other better, you can organize a company lunch or potluck and divide them into groups post that. The teams should be as diverse as possible, ask them to find, let’s say, 5 or 10 things that they all share. You will be surprised to find the results.

Get some business out of it

You can ask everyone to blurt out the problems they see at the workplace and quickly think of solutions. You can also encourage creative thinking by assigning a room as a safe zone. Everyone can say whatever they want irrespective of who’s around. This facilitates free-thinking and might deliver a few good ideas, feasible to work upon.

Connect as fast as you can

You can ask everyone to sit next to people they don’t work with. The idea is to help them connect in a fun and healthy manner. Task them to initiate, let’s say, 5 conversations in 5 minutes and then move on to the next colleague. It’s a technique that will make easy acquaintances, paving the way for more meaning connections later.

We have also listed a sample survey for companies to help them get to know their workforce better. This survey has been meticulously drafted to understand the overall wellbeing of your employees.

  • Would you want a fun activity conducted at your workplace once a while?
  • What’s the most preferred change you would like to see in your office?
  • Are you satisfied with the infrastructure at your workplace? (Ex. Restrooms, Lights, furniture, etc.)
  • Do you like the crowd at your workplace? If yes, Why? –  If no, Why?
  • Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable in your office?
  • What’s the coolest thing about your job?
  • How happy are you at your workplace?
  • If not working here, where would you be?
  • What’s your favourite time of the day at work?
  • Anonymous feedback you would like to share?

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