Advantages of Activity-Based Working

Advantages of Activity-Based Working

In the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, every corporate organization is facing a conflict among employees working from remote and office that has turned to a sort of imbalance. Activity-based working is one of the effective ways to overcome such imbalance and create a culture of happiness & well-being in the company.

What is activity-based working?

Activity Based Working

Activity-based working allows employees to work in an environment that is totally different from the traditional approach in the workplaces. In activity-based working employees are provided with different workspaces according to the nature of their work responsibilities. Each workspace is structured for a particular activity and employees can switch their workstations suitable to their work-type. Since there is no dedicated desk for employees, they are free to choose any desk for any particular work-type during the day.

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Many human experts believe activity-based working can bring increased productivity, happiness & positivism in the workplace and employees can get rid of the monotonous work culture.

Benefits of Activity-based working

Here are some of the important benefits of Activity-based working.

Stress Relieving for Employees after COVID-19

After COVID-19, social distancing has become a new normal so activity-based working can be a perfect way to follow the new normal especially when it is clubbed with work from home. As it will allow employees to choose their space according to the tasks given to them. Companies can reduce the number of employees gathered in a single place by following this practice.

More Interactive & Good for Knowledge Sharing

It is found that activity-based working increase the level of interaction & knowledge sharing among employees. Sitting on a different workspace every day allows you to interact with different employees of your company. Hence you get opportunities to know your collogues better which covers your social well-being aspect.

Reduce Workplace Cost

If activity-based working is combined with work from home, will result in the reduced company overhead. The everyday partial workforce works from home so the company needs fewer workstations in the office that eventually turns to less space & rent.

Office Space Optimization

Have activity-based working in place, the office space can be optimized to the fullest. In the traditional approach when each employee has a dedicated workstation, it remains vacant at the time of work from home or if the employee is on holidays. Whereas in activity-based working, another employee in office can use that space in such situations.

Employee Benefit to Improve Retention

HR can consider ABW (activity-based-working) as one of the employee benefits for hiring new talent. Employees who are allowed to work from home or any location in conjunction with activity-based working in the office feel more free & happy. They are likely to choose such a benefit over pay raise to some extent. Eventually, it makes a positive impact on the HR department of the company who want to improve employee retention.


Activity-based working, if planned and implemented in the right way, it will prove to be the most liked workplace strategy with many benefits. It helps employees maintaining the balance between office & remote working and makes them flexible with the work schedules. Overall it will meet the expectations of employers as well as employees.

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