3 Simple Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

3 Simple Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

3 Simple Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

Apart from talent retention and attraction, employee engagement turns out to be a major challenge for businesses. It is important for ensuring growth and competitiveness. According to various research, employee engagement is the key to competitive advantage and has a positive impact on employee performance. Hence, here we’ve come up with 3 simple ways to boost employee engagement.

1. Feedback

Feedback is really valuable not only for performance improvement but also for an employee’s development. Praising your workforce for a job well done is as important as pointing out where there’s a room for improvement. Fostering continuous feedback not only help employees to learn the preferences of their manager but on the other hand, it also enables managers to identify key strengths and weaknesses of the employees. However, this should also work the other way around – managers should be open for any kind of feedback. Following this pattern will not only boost employee engagement but will further demonstrate that managers care about others’ opinions and are even committed to becoming better at what they do.

2. Appreciation

Very well quoted by  William James, “The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.”

People work the finest when they receive the appreciation for the work they have done. They tend to be more committed, ambitious, and confident to business success. Not appreciating easily leads to the opposite reactions such as unhappiness and dissatisfaction, resulting in lower performance and disengagement. Hence, managers must show appreciation as it is the key to employee engagement.

3. Collaboration & Connectedness

When working in a multinational where employees are spread all around the world raises the requirement to actively promote ongoing connectedness and collaboration. It is significant not only when it comes to different business areas but also different locations. Bringing in diverse people with different expertise and strengths into a project raises levels of innovativeness, productivity, and creativity which further helps in achieving the goal quicker. This benefits employees as well as the managers as, and results in higher satisfaction and engagement.