COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Program

COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Program

COVID-19 is spreading every day, the more social life resumes, the more this COVID spread gets air. As we all know, staying home and following precautions is the only cure one can get till getting vaccinated. Considering the fact that some companies can not operate their functions from home, therefore, employers are opting COVID-19 vaccine adoption program at their workplace for economic and social recovery.

The Central Government of India allowed the companies and employers to organize COVID-19 vaccination sessions at their workplace. Many corporate companies are taking the initiative to vaccinate their employees to enhance productivity and promote their employee health.  

Mandating COVID-19 vaccine 

Though, some organizations might plan to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination at their workplace understanding certain conditions in order to limit the risk you can pose to yourself and others, due to the absence of regulatory or government-imposed regulations, a compulsion of vaccine is not legally possible.

Therefore, employee vaccination rights will be considered by the government before preparing the terms and guidelines of vaccination compulsion. Despite this, companies are organizing the workplace vaccine program for supporting the government and a healthy work environment. 

Get Vaccinated with Truworth Wellness 

India’s No 1 corporate wellness companyTruworth Wellness has taken the initiative to organize a WORKPLACE VACCINATION program at various corporate organizations via The Wellness Corner and TWC apps. Truworth Wellness holds 7+ years of experience delivering wellness space for insurance companies, intermediaries, and other employers.  


The Government of India has announced that everyone above the age of 18 years is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination. Truworth Wellness was delivering the vaccine to employees above the age of 45 years now making the vaccine available for everyone under the eligibility criteria. With employee support, Truworth Wellness aims to deliver the vaccine to as many people as possible to limit the risk of spread. Below is mentioned how you can register for vaccine: 

  • The coronavirus vaccine will be available for everyone above 18 years of age. 
  • CO-WIN registration will be done at the center itself. The beneficiaries will need to carry identity proof with them. 
  • Identity proof can be a government ID proof, Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, or passport. 
  • Truworth Wellness’s partner relationship manager available in the clinical establishment and will guide you for the further process. 
  • The payment of 250/- will be completely cashless and will be billed to the corporate directly. 
  • The entire process may take 1 hour to 2 hours per employee, given there is no delay on the CO-WIN Portal which is managed by the Government because every patient needs to be registered once the beneficiary reaches the hospital.  
  • After completing the process of registration, vaccination of the beneficiary, the beneficiary needs to be there in the observation room for 30 minutes, post the observation time is completed, one can resume work as usual.  
  • Users can schedule the second dose of vaccine after 6 to 8 weeks in case of Covishield and 4 – 6 weeks in case of Covaxin from the first shot.  

Onsite COVID-19 Vaccine Administration 

  • Pre-Registration Link: Truworth is planning to activate a pre-registration link for all the employees in order to ensure seamless management of vaccination delivery. 
  • Onsite Registration: Truworth wellness with their hospital partners will deliver their employees for onsite registration.  
  • Reminders & Communication: Truwoth will notify their employees of everything they need to know about hassle-free on-site vaccination.  
  • Hospital Partner: Truworth Wellness has partnered with registered CVC hospitals to deliver onsite vaccination camps for their corporate employers.  
  • Post-Vaccination Helpline: Truworth Wellness has a post-vaccination support helpline available all the time post-camp-site.  
  • Storage & Disposal Management: Truworth Wellness and its partner hospital will manage the vaccination storage on the camp-site while ensuring clinical waste-disposal management as per the medical guidelines.  
  • Second Dose: The second dose information will be communicated to their workforce during the first dose inoculation.  
  • Communications: Newsletter mailers and the content will be delivered. 

Covid-19 Vaccine Administration at Hospitals

  • Vaccination Certificate will be provided at the center post-inoculation, the same is uploaded by the hospital on Cowin or Arogya Setu against the Beneficiary ID which the beneficiary can access. 
  • For booking the appointments for the 2nd dose, please follow the same process. It is advised to select the same hospital during registration, where the first dose was inoculated. The gap between the two doses (more than 4 weeks at least) will be specified during the inoculation. 
  • The 2nd dose has to be done with the same brand and make of vaccine as the 1st dose. 
  • In case the employees want to register for their dependents, they can follow the same process as above. While registering on the form link, enter the details of the dependent and select the respective dependent relationship. 
  • Inoculation charges as finalized by the government per beneficiary can be on a Cashless model or can be paid at the center by the beneficiary at the time of inoculation. 
  • Employees can reach out to our support team for facilitation or book an appointment through our app.
  • Registrations are accepted 72 hours to 96 hours prior. 
  • In our confirmation call and email communications, our team will also guide the employee on what to expect on the ground, documents to carry, and the details of the support channels. 
  • Newsletter content and mailers will be provided. 
  • Reports will be delivered on a periodic basis.

Fill the enquiry form below or contact us to know more about COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Program.

Home Isolation Plans  

Care @ Home is a operated by Home Isolation service offered by Truworth Wellness. The services are designed according to the latest guidelines from ICMR / MoHFW which suggests Home Isolation for patients who are pre-symptomatic or are showing mild symptoms and are either positive or suspected of COVID-19: 

  • 15 Days Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Package for Mild / Asymptomatic Patients. 
  • Care @ Home is a monitored Isolation Service. 
  • Ensures early intervention, if any new symptoms or signs are developing throughout the Isolation period. 
  • Plans starting at Rs. 4,499 + GST. 

Support your corporate initiative and get yourself vaccinated. Check your vaccine eligibility criteria and register yourself with Truworth Wellness today for a safe and better future.