6 Factors that Influence the Workplace Health & Well-being of Employees

6 Factors that Influence the Workplace Health & Well-being of Employees

Employees are integral assets of any company who makes the company functional and contribute towards its growth. Without the dedication of employees, the company cannot achieve its goals in the required deadlines. The success or failure rate of the company totally depends upon how well its workforce takes the responsibilities given to them.

It is the responsibility of the employer to take care of their employees’ physical and mental well-being in order to keep the company functional and maintain its growth. Employees with degraded health conditions cannot add value to the company’s success owing to low productivity caused by presenteeism and absenteeism.

In today’s corporate world, employees face tough competition around the world in terms of learning and growth which causes so much stress that they don’t remember to look after their health. In such a competitive atmosphere every little factor in the workplace can impact the health of employees. Here, in this article, we’ll learn about different factors in the workplace that are associated with workforce mental, physical, emotional or social well-being.

Factors that Affect Employee Health in the Workplace

Financial Security

In India where the employment opportunities are very limited, the fear of losing jobs is natural among people which is directly connected to the mental health of the workforce. Employees who always feel insecure about their jobs or work in companies where they do not find job assurance for the long term start showing symptoms of anxiety, stress, hypertension or any other sort of mental illness.

It is the first most responsibility of the employer to take care of the financial security of their employees in order to keep them mentally fit so they don’t lose focus from their core responsibilities. Employers should have a provision of timely review of the economic stability of their employees.

Workplace Elements

The atmosphere of the workplace contributes to employee health & well-being. The arrangement of workplace elements can make the atmosphere homologous or adverse to workforce well-being and productivity. These elements include natural lighting, ventilation, sitting arrangements, quality of air and water, eatables available in the cafeteria etc. It has been observed that natural light and air if missing in the workplace, the workforce will suffer from any sort of health-related issues. Employers should ensure the appropriate arrangement of workplace elements so no health and well-being concern affects the productivity of employees.

Fun Activities

Fun and ice-breaking activities are highly advantageous in terms of physical and mental well-being of employees especially when they spend long working hours in desk sitting. It protects employees from mental disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety and physical concerns such as obesity, cardiovascular and digestive diseases.

Work-life Balance

Corporate employees often find difficult to maintain co-ordination between work and personal life owing to long working hours, tight deadlines to complete projects or financial challenges. The workplace must provide a supportive atmosphere so employees have proper room to establish a balance between work and personal responsibilities.

Working Hours

Improper or long working hours without frequent breaks tend to physical or mental restlessness & burnout in employees that have an adverse impact on their health and performance to the success of the organization. Team leaders and business owners of the company must ensure the provision of proper relaxation of employees during the working hours.

Corporate Health Checkup

The company offered health checkup packages are one of the trending compensation and benefits every employee looks for before joining the organization. On-site health check-up is popular among the employees as it saves their time of travelling to a place where the checkup is carried out. Overall the corporate health check is a must offered benefit to recruit new talent and retain the existing workforce. It also helps employers find out the common health risk concerns of the workforce so appropriate wellness initiatives could be taken to avoid presentism or absenteeism.


Every employer must carefully consider the abovementioned factors to design the workplace strategy so the employees can experience a feeling of healthy, happy & productive culture.