Flexibility And Total Well-Being For Corporate Wellness

Flexibility And Total Well-Being For Corporate Wellness

Flexibility And Total Well-Being For Corporate Wellness

In recent years, corporate wellness programs have come a really long way. With rising popularity, it’s secure to say that corporate wellness programs are just not a “fad,” any longer, they are here to stay. The fraction of companies with wellness programs is anticipated to keep growing as organizations now understand the need for some type of wellness initiative to stay, competitive and current.

With the rise in wellness programs, innovation and creativity are flourishing to keep the initiatives of employee wellness exciting and fresh. So, below mentioned are few workplace wellness trends that you can implement in your organization.


The notion of a flexible workplace is revolutionary. However, a lot of companies are still struggling to make a flexible workplace a reality for their employees. As a matter of fact, flexibility includes a lot of groundwork that is required for employee wellness, as it pays attention to enhancing work-life balance.

It is been observed that employees with flexible work schedules have superior levels of job satisfaction, less absenteeism, as well as reduced rates of turnover. So, in what manner can we see this trend implemented in workplace wellness?


The facility to work from home is gaining popularity among companies. The opportunity to work from home, once earned, can be seen as a competitive perk for a lot of employees working full-time. The notion of teleworking is favourable for employee wellness in a large number of ways; including reduced stress, increased productivity and even reduced absenteeism.

Flex Schedules

Flexible schedules work perfectly for any employee who is raising a family (especially females) or having a long commute in the morning. Flexible hours boost employee wellness by reducing stress and building autonomy and trust in the workplace. Flex schedules offer employees the flexibility to take care of any health issues they are facing as well as help them feel more energized throughout the day.

Total Well-Being

It is becoming increasingly evident to organizations that wellness is much more than merely physical health. Workplace wellness will start to see a shift in goals and initiatives to support total wellness. While total wellness can be a bit difficult for employers to monitor vs. physical health, it is just as important to include in employee wellness. Total well-being takes into account the entire spectrum of wellness, including emotional, physical and mental elements.

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Practising mindfulness is a growing trend among employees since its introduction. In easy terms, mindfulness pays attention to “being” rather than “doing”. Mindfulness is a simple concept of training your mind to understand how you are feeling without actually making any judgments. Similar to meditation, mindfulness also works to calm the body, reduce stress, and further lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is also working its way into workplace wellness, as education on the benefits of practising mindfulness is becoming available through various employee wellness programs.

Mental Health

There is no secret to the fact that mental health affects employees just as much–and even more in some cases –than physical health. Some of the outcomes of poor mental health are more absenteeism, less productivity, and low job satisfaction. While mental health can also be difficult for employers to gauge, total wellness involves a shift to an emphasis on educating employees on mental health and providing with the resources they might require.

Stress Management

The mental and physical side effects of stress have been deliberately studied for decades. Presently, stress management is becoming more extensive in workplace wellness because of the growing stress among employees during work. A lot of corporate wellness programs are adding up stress management programs and education classes to help employees cope up with stress at work.

If your company is struggling with employee wellness and productivity in the workplace, choose wellness program according to the health issues, the majority of your workforce suffers. You can request a free demo and know more about your workplace wellness requirement.