Health Coaching to Enhance Workplace Wellness Strategy

Health Coaching to Enhance Workplace Wellness Strategy

Health Coaching to Enhance Workplace Wellness Strategy

Workplace wellness programs are now an integral part of nearly every business strategy, with organizations striving for comprehensive growth, keeping in mind their workforce. Behavioral changes are one of the most complex components of wellness programs with a simple awareness drive not being enough. Everyone is aware of the benefits of smoking cessation, or consuming a healthy diet, doing some physical activity in their daily routine or attending a corporate health check campaign but how many are motivated enough to bring it into action? That’s where auxiliary services like incentives, coaching, etc., steps in.

Health coaching is clinical interventions, skillful exchanges, and guidance to safely engage clients/patients into a health-conscious behavioral shift. Health coaches are accredited by the associated organizations to safely guide their clients suffering from low to severe health risks.

As observed, wellness programs that had health coaches as one of the pillars garnered more success compared to others that didn’t have any.

What do Health and Well-Being Coaches do?

Health coaches are your private guide working on individual needs to steer you towards a healthy body and mind. They work on your current status, help you set goals, then provide the ancillary support for you to reach them.

How does health coaching work?

Enumerated below is the process that this model follows:

Forge Relationship

The initial setup requires a healthy rapport between the client and the coach. As a company, look for a coach who possesses traits like good energy, warmth in his demeanor, good quality of voice, appropriate communication skills, positive body language, attentive, mindful listener, etc.

Motivational Exchanges

Once a positive relationship is established, it is essential to have meaningful conversations to help the client open up about their condition and look for positive solutions. Motivational interviewing is part of numerous fields like psychotherapy, medicine, etc. and is focused on the present rather than the past, striving to raise awareness and decreasing the client’s ambivalence towards change.

The Wellness Vision

It’s the vision that highlights the clients’ potentials, and weaknesses focusing on all the facets of their life. It gives a detailed insight into their physical, emotional, financial, and social realms of life, steering their focus towards manifesting their innate potential.

Setting the Goal

Goal setting is a collaborative approach to drive the behavioral shift needed towards achieving the specific health target. Forming the agenda and progressing towards it helps to avoid any stifling process like procrastination, an ambivalent attitude, self-regulation, positive feedback, positive psychology, etc. helps the client move forward towards the specific goals set for the clients and his newly formed desires.

A Health coach incessantly guides his clients towards a positive behavioral change, improving their self-efficacy. Health coaching has been revealed to have great positive effects on the patient’s psychology, positively effecting a change in his knowledge, self-efficacy, skills, and behavior towards a healthy lifestyle. Wellness incentives combined with health coaching; translates into higher employee satisfaction, sustained participation, and achievement of goals. Furthermore, health coaching is required more for organizations with poorer overall health, endeavoring to change.

Is your Organization Ready for Health Coaching?

The Wellness Corner is the platform managed by Truworth Wellness that allows organizations to run custom health campaigns, online groups, telephone coaching programs. If you seek to use the services of health coaches, we have a team of health experts available on our wellness network. You can use your preferred coach, who will guide your workforce within the platform.

Get in touch with us to know more details about our health coaching platform.

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