Importance of Health Risk Assessments and How it Save Money for Organizations

Importance of Health Risk Assessments and How it Save Money for Organizations

What is a Health Risk Assessment or HRA?

Health risk assessment refers to a questionnaire that helps you identify health risks & nature of the lifestyle associated with you and track your complete health for the next few weeks or months. HRA questionnaire broadly belongs to the below topics

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Emotional Health such as stress and mental well-being
  • Demographics
  • Interest level to change unhealthy behaviors
  • Physical health (weight, blood pressure, BMI & more)

HRA is not only about evaluating health over time but also it provides you with a feedback report that will help you plan a strategy to improve your overall health.

Importance of HRA in Workplace Wellness

Health risk assessments are considered very crucial activity by wellness experts before designing a workplace wellness strategy. People who go through health risk assessments become more conscious of their lifestyles to improve health and well-being. This eventually boosts their productivity and lowers absenteeism & presentism as eating healthy food and doing more physical activity raises the individual’s performance.

Health risk assessments incorporated wellness program plays an important role in terms of attracting new talent, as most talented employees wish their employers to have a well-focused and tailored wellness program.

How HRAs can Save the Company’s Cost

How Health Risk Assessments Save Money for Companies

A short term wellness program won’t generate an effective output for the company. Typically a comprehensive wellness program could take several years to show significant results, however, some wellness programs may show positive results within a year or two. As far as HRA is concerned, it can help the company in various ways explained below. These are not direct benefits but crucial ones to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Improved Health and Well-being

A thorough health risk assessment accompanied by personalized feedback results in a healthy and productive workforce. It leads to many improvements such as:

  • People vulnerable to higher health risks move towards safer side owing to healthy habits adopted after going through HRA.
  • A significant drop in the severity level of health risks
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • A drop in the blood pressure numbers of people with hypertension

Reduced Healthcare Cost

Many organizations cover the health of their employees through corporate health insurance policies. So if the employees follow healthy lifestyles and other health advice as per the HRA feedback report, they may receive its benefits in the form of reduced insurance premium amount.

Increased Productivity

Healthy employees in the workplace lead to higher productivity and business outputs. HRA helps workforce vulnerable to health risks change their habits and move towards a culture of a healthy lifestyle that in turns help them boost productivity work.

Less Absenteeism and Presenteeism Rate

Wellness program post health risk assessments tend to a reduced rate of absenteeism and presenteeism amongst employees in the workplace. Employers or business leaders can closely track the stats of absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace after the complete workforce has gone through HRAs and compare it to the earlier stats before HRAs. In this comparison, they will find a significant loss of the total working hours completed by the workforce who did not go through the HRA incorporated wellness program. This is the indirect cost to the company which can be saved through HRA-driven well-being programs.

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