How to Support your Mental Health while Working from Home

How to Support your Mental Health while Working from Home

The term ‘Work from Home’ gives a feeling of comfort and relieves a mental burden of travelling to the workplace and coming back after office hours. However, It is not always as easy to work from home as it appears when you live with your family in a common space. It may induce another sort of stress in your mind.

From last few years work from home has emerged as one of the most demanding employees benefits corporate have started offering. In the current digital world, many employees are capable to work remotely and during this global COVID-19 pandemic, employers have asked them to work from home. In many cases during the outbreak, employees are bound to work from their living apartments where they live with their family members, kids or roommates. It becomes very challenging to work in such an atmosphere where your companions have their own work or school problems that require your involvement.

This challenging environment makes an adverse effect on the mental health of employees by inducing a feeling of fear and stress when they are already passing through a pandemic. Here are some important steps to protect your mental health while working from home.

Support your Mental Health while Working from Home

Accept the Challenges and Take Time

In this difficult time, it may be very tough for you to work from home owing to distraction sources that include your kids, family members or another working partner living with you. These distraction sources you don’t see in the workplace building.

To overcome these hurdles, you must accept the things as they are and keep some patience. Giving some time to yourself to adjust to the challenges instead of rushing over to fulfil your work duties in a perfect way. This is not a time to perfectly complete your tasks of the workplace. First of all, you have to understand the ways and tips to effectively work from home and find out the new working manner from a remote location.

Create a Schedule

Remote workers are suggested to create their work schedule to put some control over the factors of distraction. However, the schedule must contain mini work breaks to spend some time with your young or elderly family members. Don’t be rigid with your work schedule at home as being with your family, you have to show some care and gratefulness to them. Short breaks will also help you to get some mental relaxation.

Check Quality of Information Intake

During this COVID-19 outbreak, social media and tv news channels are full of the latest updates that may cause stress or mental discomfort. Being at home you have an option to listen to the news channels or view social media updates but it is suggested to use these channels wisely so the information doesn’t increase your stress levels. You may choose to know about the latest updates at a particular time after working hours.

Know what you miss while working from home

You may miss the interaction with your colleagues while working from home. Much business-related interactions with the team members help you enhance your skills which is very beneficial for the business growth as well. So while working from home the business may suffer due to the lack of these indirect benefits. Being an extrovert employee, you may miss in-person social relations of the workplace you need to share your ideas to drive your expertise. To lower the impact, you should use group chat or conferencing tools to make interactions with your colleagues

Also if you need some privacy and more focus while fulfilling your responsibilities you have two kids and spouse, it may be very tough for you to work from home as you can be distracted by your family. So start talking to your spouse about the privacy and focus you need in your work and discuss the break times you have planned to spend with family.

Working from home can have its own advantages but it is not suitable for all of us as of the above challenges adversely impacting mental health. Mental well-being experts and psychologists advise to include some practices in your daily routine to raise mental well-being such as practising gratitude and deep breathing exercise.

Additionally, you must start bringing in the mindfulness techniques to know the changes in your behavior over time.

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