How HR can Add Personal Touch to Retain Employees

How HR can Add Personal Touch to Retain Employees

Employees are known to be assets who work towards giving new heights of success for any organization. So it is the responsibility of employer or HR professional of the company to perfectly manage these assets in a true sense in order to happily retain them for long term. Retaining employees is considered as one of the daunting tasks for every HR.

HR has to think about following two approaches to retain employees:

  • Monetary
  • Non-monetary

The monetary approach to retain employees is all about offering them higher positions, salary hikes or incentives. When the company cost is involved to retain employees then HR needs to play a calculative role to check expectations of the employer with such employees.

However, when it comes to the non-monetary approach of retaining employees, as it does mean that the company is missing trust & care factors somewhere in its culture. Hence the HR’s responsibility increases as it requires an investment of humanity from the HR. Every employee has personal ways of judging the human factors of the company. Here are some tips for HR to add a personal touch to the employees in order to retain them for the long term.

How HR can add Personal Touch to Retain Employees

Independence or Flexibility

Employees who are bound to work from their office desks only, feel more insecure & frustrated so never impose this rule of raising discomfort level of your employees. Give them the independence to work from home, office garden or cafeteria. This will make them feel relaxed, happy & motivated by breaking the monotonous routine.

Increase Rights

As an HR or employer, you must add practical work goals for your employees and give them the rights to choose their way to accomplish their tasks required to achieve the goal. Allowing employees to find their own to hit the goal in a required deadline will make them not only stress-free but also the owner of their responsibility to initiate & finish their tasks.

Listen to them

As an HR person, you might not be able to solve all issues of employees due to lack of control over many factors associated with the company including cost. However, only listening to the thoughts & issues of employees patiently can do the magic. It is observed that listening to your employees’ concerns give them a feeling that someone cares. Besides if you listen to their problems carefully and communicate the possible options to sort out the concerns, you may end up by getting a solution. However if not, employees will feel better as they have talked out their mental thoughts that were raising their stress levels.

Be with them

Always try to accompany your employees in their good or bad times in order to maintain their trust levels for the company. Employees may not remember all the good things that happened to them but they will certainly remember you as a witness of their memorable moments whether good or bad.


In a nutshell, HR is not about creating policies & imposing on employees. Consider including your employees while designing or adding new policies. it will increase their trust towards the company that will help retain them for the long term.

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