Ways for HR to Prioritize Well-being in the Workplace

Ways for HR to Prioritize Well-being in the Workplace

Increased ambitions of employees working in the corporate sector have compelled them to ignore their health & well-being completely. Focusing on health & well-being as much as we focus on professional goals will lead to enhanced productivity, happiness and fitness level.

It is very important for the companies to invest in employee wellness so they perform effectively at work. Employers must focus on prioritizing the three tenets of wellness – mental, physical and financial in the workplace. It will help employees take care of themselves and their family with greater awareness level. Here are some of the ways HR must work on to prioritize health & well-being in the workplace:

How HR can Prioritize Employee Well-being in the Workplace

Build your Health Team

Choose your healthcare team wisely whether in-house or through remote support. Your health team must include physician, specialist, nutritionist, telemedicine provider, fitness expert and a physiologist. The team must available to help your employees round the clock.

Know Current Health Status of Workforce

You must know the complete status of the current health of your workforce in order to make sure what you provide matches with your employees’ health needs. Get your employees’ health checked to know the numbers in order to have a better understanding of the complete health picture of the organization.

Support Physical & Mental Well-being Initiatives

Take various initiatives to support the mental & emotional well-being of your employees during the pandemic times such as COVID-19. You can partner with an EAP provider company to help your employees to take care of their mental & emotional health concerns. The other possible actionable may include nutrition coaching, emotional counselling & fitness webinars.

Use Wellness Tracker Tools

You can take help of various online health & wellness tools to make your health & well-being initiatives more targeted & engaging. These tools include healthy habit trackers, COVID 19 tracker from The Wellness Corner, a guide on sleep & nutrition & more. These tools will help your employees track their health anytime anywhere so they remain passionate about achieving their well-being goals.

Offering health & well-being benefits during the unprecedented times of epidemic will help your employees reduce the stress levels and feel motivated. So let’s prioritize health & well-being of your employees similar to their work objectives in the company.