Rewards and Recognition: Ideas to Reward your Employees

Rewards and Recognition: Ideas to Reward your Employees

Nobody can ever forget the moments of the appreciation received from the colleagues or seniors. It increases the trust of employees toward the company. So it becomes important for employers to take some time out to praise their employees and ask the same to the team leaders of the company.

Rewarding people make them feel good, energized and motivated to take new challenges. Further, the positivism triggered in the atmosphere owing to the rewards & recognition strengthen the bonding between the teams.

Here are some of the important and easy to implement ideas to reward employees that won’t require to organize a large event.

Ideas to Reward your Employees

Reward employee in front of whole team

Saying appreciation words to an employee in front of the rest of the team or in a company meeting will surely increase his moral and happiness level. It will eventually inspire others to work hard in order to perform better and get the same appreciation.

Hand Written Note on Desk

A personal note of appreciation can be put on the desk of the employee. It will give them a special feeling and for many of the employees, it means the most.

Extra Paid Leave

This is the most liked & enjoyed reward given to employees without increasing any cost of the company. One additional leave awarded to the employee can be taken according to the requirement or plan. There shouldn’t be any restriction or terms for taking that extra leave.

Morning Breakfast in Office

Offering employees their favourite morning breakfast in the office to express your appreciation adds an amazing flavour of joy at work. It also motivates the other employees to work well in order to receive the same recognition.

Lunch with Boss

All the employees who are eligible for rewards & recognition can be invited to their favourite restaurant for lunch with the boss. This would be the best time for knowing your employees in terms of their interest, hobbies or work & family-related concerns. It will also help them feel better in terms of emotional wellness. Read more about boosting emotional wellness in your employees.

Company T-Shirt

Your employees will love free t-shirts as an award of appreciation. Rewarding employees with free apparel or other similar items such as logo or cap will be a low budget idea to praise and keep them motivated.


You can choose any of the above-mentioned ways to award your talent to make them feel honored & appreciated. Remember people will forget what your words you said to them but will never forget what you made them feel.