Kick The Habit Of Indecisiveness

Kick The Habit Of Indecisiveness

Often on several crossroads of life, we find ourselves stumped over decisions to be taken. This time prolongs, and before we know, we suddenly feel indecisive. Banishing this habit, however, is easy to implement. Always remember, “When it comes to making decisions, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to fail and fall, because a lot of the time, the best decisions come from doing what scares you the most.”

How to Kick the Habit of Indecisiveness?

Kick the Habits of Indecisiveness

Quit Overthinking

It is good to think of the consequences of any decision you take but overthinking ruins the decision making power by hiding the clarity of thoughts. Unnecessary thinking too deep about the failure and consequences will cause stress and delay to reach a decision.

Move out of Comfort Zone

Indecisiveness comes because of a fear of losing the comfort zone. When you’re in the comfort zone, you underestimate your ability to move ahead and take on new challenges. So never stick to a comfort zone and start accepting new tasks and responsibilities. Never afraid of failures in order to make decisions.

Use your own Experience

Look back your past history of achieving every small milestone when you faced the same situation and your decision proved right and brought success for you. Your own past experience of success will give you a sort of positive energy and clarity of thoughts to decide well further in the existing critical time.

Consider it as a Third Person Perspective

Instead of involving yourself and thinking too much in a situation be witness like it is happening with your friend and you have been asked for advice. It will help you detach look at the various aspects of the situation in order to take the right approach.

Check for Impulsive Approach

If you had a history of making wrong decisions owing to the impulsive nerve at that time, try changing this approach to think or introspect before reaching any decision for your business. Remember you don’t get seized by overthinking when you start thinking to make a decision. Impulsive decisions show your determination in hard times. However, if they had not proved well most of the times, you must change the way and include thoughts of your own and your teammates before making a decision.