Strategies to Simplify your Workplace Complexities

Strategies to Simplify your Workplace Complexities
Strategies to Simplify Organization Complexity

The organizational complexities cause reduced productivity, innovation and employee engagement in the workplace. As per one of the major CEO survey, conducted by IBM and KPMG, Organizational complexity has an adverse impact on both productivity and employee morale. They insisted on simplifying the complexity of the organization.

Employers need to work a lot with their managers in order to make them understand about the bad impacts of complexity. Managers of corporate companies are usually found in stress due to excessive workload and tight deadlines so they never feel energetic to focus on simplifying the complexities of the workplace.

To resolve the complexity issue, The manager of every division has to create a separate strategy in their own manner, at their own pace. We have come up with some of the strategies which can be implemented in any specific division of organization to simplify its work process.

Revision of Rules and Activities Performed

This is the first most step to simplify the complexity of the organization. You have to remove or revise the rules that have no sense or are too old. The organization must also get rid of such activities which add no value to the business and create a few simple and crucial tasks.

Customer Feedback

Companies must focus on customer (internal or external) feedback while simplifying the complexity in the organization as the resolution to every problem in the workplace must address the need of the customers. So while designing any strategy, you must think of a picture of what customer wants and try to make it fulfilled.

Priority Setting

Setting the priority of what is important is vital in simplifying the complexities. Take the one with the highest priority at first and start reviving the priority list to get the things done in a correct manner.

Path Selection

Once the requirement is clarified and you have started working on make it easy, you might have multiple paths to simplifying the process. It is advisable to select the shortest path by removing the extra loops and steps to make the process easy and smooth.

Talk to Change Poor Practices

You have to change the mentality of being silent on wrong policies or practices that are followed in the organization from being a long time. Start talking to your seniors or the higher management about changing the old complex practices.

Simplify the Team Hierarchy

Don’t micromanage everything as it restricts you in viewing the granular picture of the organizational workflow. Micromanagement adds complexity in the process by adding more layers in the management and make it more complex.

Review Above Six Steps on a Regular Basis

It is truly said that complexity in the organization is like the hair on the head. You have to go through a hair cut every time they have grown up to a certain extent. In the same way, you must run through the above six steps every time you feel organizational complexities have increased.

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