Workplace Wellness : Walking Meetings to Boost Employee Productivity

Workplace Wellness : Walking Meetings to Boost Employee Productivity

Walking Meetings to Boost Productivity

Taking into account the amount of time individuals spend at work, it makes sense to consider the possibilities for enhancing physical activity in and around the workplace. An active workforce carries lots of benefits to both your business and staff.

Benefits of incorporating walking meetings in the workplace

Employee Health

Walking meetings help employees integrating some physical activity throughout their day, which not only yields in improved health, but also lowers the cost of health, and reduced sick days.

Higher Energy

Movement in the body results in increased blood circulation and increased blood circulation ultimately yields increased energy. So, rather than going out for fries or chocolates to get a boost of energy, try a walk outside.


Changes of scenery and nature trigger new neuro-pathways in the brains which in-turn yield in new ideas, and new explanations to the problems.

Increased Collaboration

Walking meetings aren’t meant just for a few numbers of people among the entire workforce. Everyone should incorporate it into their lives to cherish their benefits. Unlike those traditional meetings taking place in the conference room where attendees grab a seat and often don’t care to move until the meeting is completely over, walking meetings offer employees the option of move out freely while conversing on a subject.

Stronger Personal Connections

In order to take the corporate feeling out of the meeting, a walking meeting does the job. During walking meetings employees can not only accomplish their goals but can also relate to fellow employees on a personal level.

Minimized Differences

Walking meetings minimizes differences by bringing everyone together. As different generations of employees walk together and share their ideas and thoughts.

Benefits For Employees

Walking is an effective and cheap way to develop better health and wellbeing for your employees. A short walk after the lunchtime is an ideal ‘stressbusting’ activity and has numerous benefits for employees:

  • A short lunchtime walk helps employees return to work feeling more energized and refreshed.
  • Walking can be also be included as part of the journey from and to work. Also, being a very gentle activity and does not require any changed or shower.
  • Workplace walking can be a sociable activity as well. Moreover, it offers an added opportunity to network with fellow employees.

Benefits For Employers

There are also advantages for employers who promote physical activity within the workplace:

  • Increases employee commitment to work, productivity, and staff performance.
  • Decreases staff turnover or intention to leave
  • Reduces absence and sickness costs

How to conduct a walking meeting with your employees?

Schedule your Meetings

It is important to plan your meetings in advance and make sure that it does not include more than 5 participants, as crowded meetings will not be effective for an expected outcome and it may also divert to a different subject. The most appropriate time for a walking meeting is just before lunch to target those the mid-morning slump, or you can even target late afternoon where a burst of energy is required among the workforce.

Notify all participants

Notify all the participants of the meeting well in advance about the meeting and at what time and where will it be active. Also, it is important to set the objective or agenda of meeting in advance and make sure that all-important points are discussed. Moreover, try not to arrange for any such meetings that necessitate for traditional business attire or a video conference call.

Keep a check on the weather

Keep a check on the weather forecast, and plan accordingly for the employees. Make sure it is not rainy, too hot or too cold outside if this is the case plan your walk accordingly. Also, it is important to think of a good place so employees can enjoy walking, it may be a nearby point of attraction or a garden.

Keep it healthy

In place of sugary snacks, try and keep some healthy food for employees in hand. Also, it is important to take care of hydration. Proper hydration is a must. Also, keep a check of the seasonal requirements. If it’s hot summer, make sure that employees keep sunscreen handy.

Assign Roles

Walking meetings needs to be a bit more organized since there are various factors involved in being outside. This can simply be done by assigning different roles to different members.

The Leader –The one who helps the group be focused on the agenda and facilitate the entire process.

The Guide – The one who knows the route to take and gives the group correct directions along the way, let people take the required safety concerns and suggests to take other routes if necessary.

The Scribe – The one who takes notes of the meetings, reminds of the important points to be discussed and suggests breaks whenever necessary.

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