The Importance of Pre-Employment Health Check Up

The Importance of Pre-Employment Health Check Up

A healthy workforce works as an asset to the company. It’s when they are happy and healthy inside; they might work to their utmost efficiency. So how do we get a workforce that is healthy out and out? That’s what pre-employment health checkups are for.

What is Pre-Employment Health Checkup?

A significant step to acquaint employers with their fresh additions, pre-employment health checkup is an essential assessment measure to know the comprehensive health scenario of an individual, which might require the intervention of the employer. Imperative for a steady long term growth, these checkups help identify any health issues beforehand so that it doesn’t hamper progress eventually.

Pre-employment health checks benefit both the employees and employers. It is conducted by companies during the hiring process, once the job offer is confirmed.

What are the benefits of Pre-Employment Health Checkup?

Workforce acts as one of the most important assets of an organisation. Therefore, it is reasonable for the management to put in a system for a robust and healthy environment as the medical cost of the employee might impact the company’s revenue in the long run. The presence of ill employees at the workplace can be detrimental for several reasons viz. their disease might get transmitted to other workers, they have lowered efficiency, and are susceptible to costly mistakes, consequently lowering morale for other employees, too. Enumerated below are some of the benefits.

Managed Health Record

With pre-employment health screening, companies can maintain an updated health record of their employees. They will have the existing medical condition available beforehand, which might have impacted the workplace culture negatively, had there been no pre-screening. Employees with this kind of health assessment are less likely to get come in contact with any health risk.

Maintains Workplace Safety

Many a time an individual is not aware of his medical condition and might transmit to the surrounding souls, unknowingly. So, pre-employment health screening helps to avoid the contagious spread across the organization.

Lowered Medical Reimbursement Cost to Employer

The cost of medical treatment has been increasing leaps and bounds, proving to be a big concern for the companies in the future. Pre-screening can prove to be very beneficial as many organisations provide partial or full medical reimbursement to their employees.

Ensures Productivity & Engagement

Conducting pre-employment health screening ensures that the fresh additions are free from any medical complications, which could have negatively impacted their workplace engagement and productivity after getting employed.

“As per the report from the Office for National Statistics, approximate 137 million working days were not productive due to sickness, in the UK, in 2016.”

“A study by the Harvard School of Public Health, on economic losses, owing to non-communicable diseases, has established that a whopping figure of $6.2 trillion will be lost during 2012-30, for India, affecting individuals in their productive years, consequently causing early retirement.”

What does Pre-employment health checks cover?

The pre-employment health check includes the basic health screening according to the work responsibilities specified in the job profile. It ensures that the employee is medically fit to perform workplace tasks and duties required for the employment. Enumerated below are some of the medical tests depending upon the nature of the company and job responsibilities:

A complete physical checkup is done, which includes vision and hearing abilities, vitals including height, weight, blood pressure, etc.

  • Complete blood count
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Blood group
  • Cholesterol level
  • Kidney examination
  • Liver examination
  • X-ray of chest
  • ECG

What is the cost of Pre-employment health screening?

The cost of pre-employment health screening varies according to the tests required. Generally, an individual with basic job responsibilities will undergo some simple tests costing basic. Employers maintain a distinct test list for specific job profiles, well in advance, during the hiring process.

Can your employer ask for your medical history?

No, the employer can’t request a medical professional for any kind of assistance related to an employee’s health without their permission. Also, the employees cannot be asked to disclose information related to any health issue that arises during their term of employment.

How to prepare for your pre-employment medical checkup?

  • Carry a current photo-ID and proof of address.
  • Wear comfortable garments.
  • Carry your contact lenses, if you use them.
  • Sleep for at least 6 hours, before the checkup.
  • Females should avoid urine analysis, 7 days before and after menstruation, as it might contaminate the urine sample.
  • Alcohol shouldn’t be taken for at least 24 hours before the test.

Employee health checkups must be conducted as a crucial responsibility by the companies, to support their people and create a healthy culture in the workplace.  Truworth Wellness boasts of an extensive line of corporate health check packages, customised according to the company’s requirement and budget.