Why Unfit Employees Are A Huge Business Risk

Why Unfit Employees Are A Huge Business Risk

Employees are not robots. It’s inevitable that they’ll fall sick and require rest to come back to work.  And that’s the reason why we have health benefits and paid sick days. But, what about the situation where employees fall ill very frequently? Here business has to suffer and deal with issues such as loss of productivity and absenteeism. In any case, productivity cannot be achieved if your employees aren’t around in the first place.

Employee Wellness

Conceivably this is the major reason why nowadays companies are increasingly taking employee wellness seriously. With no or less productive employees, businesses take a hit — no salesperson to close deals, no cashiers to manage the counters, no developers to build the software etc. Any company in any industry is directly affected by unhealthy employees. It’s a huge business risk for each and every employer, no exceptions.

Work-Life Balance

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to encourage employee wellness, one of which is a corporate wellness that encourages work-life balance. A lot of companies offer flexible working hours as well as locations to their employees in order to provide them sufficient time for their personal lives. This is because individuals who get the opportunity to pursue their interests, as well as relationships outside their jobs, are healthier and happier. As they become less stressed and more content, they achieve greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and they become more valuable employees and less of a business risk.


Another method to encourage unfit employees is by promoting exercise in the office. It might seem counterproductive to request employees to squeeze personal wellness and fitness into their already demanding schedules, but according to a recent study, it has been proved that exercise lowers down stress and improves work-life balance. After a good workout, our body releases endorphins which sequentially produce a natural high. Therefore, people who exercise regularly are not as stressed as compared to their couch-potato counterparts.

Also, regular exercise improves self-efficacy as well as one’s capability to complete tasks they started. Thus, fit employees are well employees who are imperative assets for any organization.

The Employer’s Role

This doesn’t mean you only have to hire the employees who are fit. But as an employer, you must encourage your unfit employees to do exercise regularly. And in case you’re already encouraging work-life balance through some or the other way, for example, flexible schedules then you’re absolutely on the correct track. When people have free time to spare, they can find a way to include regular workouts in their daily routine.

There are several other things you can do to encourage corporate wellness on top of work-life balance. You can go for constructing a gym within the office premises, get into a partnership with a club to present discounted memberships to your employees, invite some fitness experts for consultation, sponsor team activities etc. Yes, these will cost some amount of money, but you must consider it as an investment without the business risk. Ultimately, organizations who take care of their employees achieve a lot more as compared to what they spent.