Empower your employees to stay less stressed, more energized, productive and calm.


Why Yoga Session at Workplace?

Trying to stay focused, motivated and productive for 8-plus hours a day can be stressful for employees. This stress can lead to a range of health issues. With our corporate wellness programs, you can now protect the well-being of your teams and give them the support needed to Consistently and efficiently produce with fewer health-related distractions.

  • A good session would not only leave you energized but also infused with the right amount of confidence, calm and positivity.

  • Exercising together builds bonds and fosters closer relationship between colleagues, thus creating a fortified workforce. It is common knowledge that people who like and understand each other, work better as a unit.

What we Cover inWorkplace Yoga Session

  • Introduction to why yoga is important in daily lives -Start the session with warm up stretches

  • Expert supervised desk yoga session

  • Cooling down techniques

  • Expert guided practical session on various poses in yoga and their importance

  • Resolution of queries/doubts, if any.

Yogashala - Our Workshop to maximize the positive impact of Yoga

Our wellness workshop has been specially curated to maximize positive impact of YOGA on the body and mind. It ensures the over-all wellbeing of the participants and engages them in fun sessions, exercise based routines with equal impact on breathing, bonding, meditating and stretching!

Our workshop focuses onYoga suitable for everyone

  • We strongly believe that yoga has the power to cleanse the mind, body and spirit and our workshop reigns it in the best way possible.

  • An end to a long day, or a happy break in between - a good session with our expert trainers would not only leave your employees energized but also infused with the right amount of confidence and positivity.

  • Regular practice of yoga improves posture, body balance and reduce stress, thus molding their personality.

  • A calm and happy employee is the key to a successful workplace and we aim to give you just that!

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