Happy WorkingMothers

A Pregnancy Care Program 

A comprehensive Pregnancy care program comprising prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare to help the expectant parents traverse through the beautiful journey.

Helping Women... Take the next best steps

A pre and post-natal program that hand holds fathers and mothers to-be (employee & spouse) through pregnancy and childbirth via support from health experts. This program helps to reduces stress, demystifies the journey, and equips the woman to stay healthy and avoid complications. Moreover, educates the couple on the best diet and de-stressing tips, along with the benefits of natural birth vs. C-sections.

 Expected Outcome

  • Help expectant parents make informed decisions
  • Lowered rate of complications
  • Knowledge and awareness about good health, de-stressing tips and doctor advise towards natural birthing
  • Women employees cope better and come back to work, reducing attrition
  • Fathers-to-be cope better and help their spouses with a healthier pregnancy

Program Features

  • Articles
    & Resources
  • Guided Wellness
  • Online
  • Personalized
    Circle & Interest Group
  • Health Expert Opinion
    (Chat facility with Dietitian & Counselor)

Motherhood is an elaborate experience nurtured each moment in gratification. It’s a journey encompassed in deep contentment, embraced each waking moment by the parents-to-be. Experience the experience with us, a prudently designed program with a gamut of features making it as joyous a ride for you, as it can be.

of the

  • Advise from Health Experts
  • Dedicated buddy (counselor) & dietician to handhold through Chat/phone support
  • Gynecologist support (only via emails)
  • Knowledge based learning:
  • Access to articles, health tips
  • Information resources based on topics
  • Online webinars (recorded sessions to be made available)
  • Special content to handhold fathers-to-be
  • Query discussion & communities
  • Personalized Care & Support:
  • Personalized diet plan with regular follow-up
  • Individual face to face sessions (1 per trimester)

Our Clients

Served over 170 Clients. Touched lives of 1.5 million users.

Our Clients

Served over 170 Clients. Touched lives of 1.5 million users.