Delivering emotional and physical wellbeing to individuals through our EAP services, which leads to increased productivity and positive outcome for your business.

  • ConfidentialService
  • ExperiencedCounseling Professionals
  • Short-TermProblem Resolution
Employee Assistance Program

Bring usyour challenges, we’ll Re - imagine your future.

At Truworth Wellness, we are committed to bringing that change in the lives of everyone we touch - from illness to wellness, from wishing to doing, from planning to execute and from hoping to actually be healthy.
By combining the high-tech conventional wisdom with contemporary medicine, gamification with holistic wellness, adaptive technologies with evolving behavioral models we thrive to build effective and engaging user experiences.

Re-imagine your future through Employee Assistance Program
EAP Helpline 24x7

What will wehelp you achieve?

  • Reduced sick leaves and increased productivity.
  • Timely redress of any medical issue.
  • Build a positive work environment by providing support at the right time.
  • Decreased healthcare costs and fewer absences.

Solutionsthat we provide

  • Learn about the problems that develop from the long sitting and how we can help to improve these by incorporating walking in our routine lives.
  • Learn how walking can positively impact our bodies and enhance productivity.
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Why to ChooseEmployee Assistance Program?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service designed to connect employees and their families with experienced counseling professionals for help with personal and family issues or keep them from optimally performing when at work. Assistance is aimed at cost-effective, short-term problem resolution.

Confientiality in Employee Assistance Program

WorriedAbout Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our EAP services

Employee involvement in the program is not disclosed to the employer or anyone else without written permission from the employee. Information/utilization reports shared with the Core HR Team is limited to de-identified statistical data only. Absolute confidentiality does not apply to child abuse or threats to the safety to one’s self or others.

EAP Counselling Services

Whom willthe employee talk to?

Our counselors are counselors or clinical psychologists, well qualified with a Master’ or an equivalent degree and are caring, experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals with a minimum of 5 years of practical experience, who have been selected for their commitment to treating everyone with sensitivity, respect, and concern. Multilingual providers and culturally sensitive resources meet the special needs of Truworth client workforce.

EAP MIS Reporting


Management InformationSystem Reporting

  • Customized MIS reports
  • Utilization statistics across all modalities & all locations
  • Frequently asked questions over the quarter
  • Frequently read articles on the website
  • Annual MIS and stress report: To address issues in a consultative way forward.
  • Confidentiality: All reports confidential to employees and shared in cluster analysis format to employer
EAP Clinical File ReviewCommunication in EAP Service

Clinicalfile Review - Audit

  • All cases are uploaded & stored in a clinical database, online.
  • All clinical affiliates upload session reports directly onto this database, access to which has, first, to be approved by the clinical manager.
  • This practice ensures confidentiality as there are no physical files maintained.
  • A regular back up of all cases is taken on to a secure server.
  • Additionally, all counseling calls are recorded. These recordings are accessible only by the clinical manager, in cases where a review of calls is needed.
Communication & Engagement in EAP

Communication& Engagement

In-house content and communications team that works closely to study the research, question the sources and offer guidance based on their experience. No fact-based content goes up without approval from at least two carefully curated experts.

On Site Workshops in Employee Assistance Program

Onsite Workshops

Curated by our in-house health experts following are theme-oriented, interactive onsite workshops that help with creating awareness. Doing away with stigma, promoting behavior modification.

  • Yogashala
  • Mental resilience
  • Mindful eating
  • Parenting 101
  • Coping with daily hassles
  • Kick the habit
  • De-stress - Knowing yourself better