3 Tenets Of Employee Wellness That Propel Business Success

3 Tenets Of Employee Wellness That Propel Business Success

3 Tenets Of Employee Wellness That Propel Business Success

As successful businesses know, wellness is the key to inspiring performance in the workplace. Employees need to feel inspired  and supported and in order to give maximum effort and be most effective.

Now, that begs the question, how do you build a wellness culture that inspires performance?

1. Time

Employee wellness starts with time. From the lower to the higher management, every business leader in between, needs to make sure that their company is giving employees the time. Spending time with employees shows that you care for their well-being.

There are numerous ways you can leverage time to drive performance. The first comes in the form of quality time. Something as simple as grabbing lunch with employees in the break room a few times per week can directly contribute to workplace wellness.

A second technique is to give employees flextime. According to a survey, approximately 75 percent of employees now consider workplace flexibility their most important benefit. Today, companies are finding that employees prefer flexible work schedules that allow them to take time off for family, medical, or other personal reasons.

2. Transparency

The second key pillar of employee wellness is transparency. While you’re quite familiar with the importance of transparency between your company and customers, don’t ignore the role of internal transparency.

You should be transparent with company policies, compensation, incentive plans, and everything else that directly impacts employees.

3. Recognition   

The sooner you recognize that compensation goes beyond monetary offerings, the quicker you’ll see that appreciation is the sincerest form of flattery. For millennial, internal recognition for positive performance is growing as a behavior motivator. You can even pay a little recognition to your employees by offering gift cards for coffee, meals, movies, games and other favorite things.
By thanking your employees and being specific about what you appreciate makes them motivated to perform better.