What are the Advantages of Employee Pulse Surveys

What are the Advantages of Employee Pulse Surveys

What is Employee Pulse Survey?

The concept of pulse surveys came into existence as a part of corporate culture to fix the flaws of annual employee surveys. If we talk about annual employee surveys, these have the following problems:

  • Annual surveys are generally very long and in fact, sometimes they contain more than two pages. So it requires employees to spend a lot of time during their working hours.
  • Many times, the insights generated from annual surveys are not easy to digest as the data collected in the annual surveys gets outdated by the time they are shared with the team.
  • Annual surveys follow inconsistent pattern most of the times that require employees to spend more time in understanding the pattern.

In contrary to annual surveys, employee pulse surveys are short and can contain only one question. However, these surveys are carried out more frequently like once in a week or two. Pulse surveys are majorly focused on measuring the same employee wellness factor repetitively every month or week. For example, the employer can ask employees to know how happy they feel at the end of every week or month. Hence they have a decent employee data captured which can be compared over the past or used to create a trend of happiness in the company.

Employee Pulse Surveys

Advantages of Employee Pulse Surveys

Since employee pulse surveys are short and focused on measuring the same metric during short time intervals, they can generate real-time insights for employers about the employees’ happiness or satisfaction level, morale, health & more.

Here, we have come up with some important benefits of organizing pulse employee surveys as apart of corporate employee feedback strategy.

Higher Employee Response Rates

Unlike annual employee surveys, pulse surveys don’t take hours for the revert. Pulse surveys are short and straight forward so filling responses don’t take much time of employees.

Resolution Oriented

In pulse surveys, specific questions are asked from employees such as how happy they feel or what to do to raise their job satisfaction level. With such kind of queries & responses to the same, it becomes easy for the employers to provide the resolution. In annual employee surveys, you cannot focus on such small workplace issues which are responsible for creating a toxic environment.

Boosts Engagement

In pulse surveys, employees feel valued as the organization acts upon their opinions on a frequent basis. This increases their workplace engagement as well as they feel an increased sense of taking ownership of their job roles. Acting upon the feedback provided by the employees helps to encourage them for better productivity & performance.