Annual Health Checkup : Significance and Benefits

Annual Health Checkup : Significance and Benefits

All of us prefer visiting a doctor only when we get sick, our health might not be giving us reasons to visit at that particular time, but annual checkups surely have their benefits.

If you are in an age bar below 40, you can go ahead once every 2 to 3 years, but beyond that annual physicals are recommended by physicians. A lot of factors go into sustaining good health for life, like a wholesome diet, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices. But our lifestyle today hampers with all that constantly. It takes discipline and perseverance to maintain that state consistently, and that’s why we need annual health checkups, to help us keep our body functions healthy.

What Is An Annual Health Checkup?

Annual Health Checks in Workplace

These health checkups are annual physicals conducted by your doctor every year. It generally includes tests, physical exams, and your health history. Your doctor will take your vitals, biophysical measurements, review your history, and give advice on how to keep your lifestyle healthy and to lower risk factors for diseases like cancer, diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, etc.

Tests Included in the Annual Health Checkup

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • X-ray
  • Sonography
  • General physical exam
  • ECG
  • Lipid profile
  • Kidney functions
  • Lung function
  • Liver function

Benefits of Annual Health Checkup

Personalized Care

Your primary physician knows a great deal about your physical health. He can diagnose well keeping in mind your history, elaborate your risk factors, and put them in place for your deliberation. He helps you walk towards a healthy life and keeps a tab on your progress during subsequent visits. Bring your medications for reviews to determine which ones to keep taking. Going for regular checkups helps in forging a healthy relationship between you and your doctor as they get to see you in both your primes and illness.

Maintained Health Records

Not everyone keeps an organized record of their medical documents, but that won’t be the case at your primary physician. Your doctor can advise you on the further course of action, keeping in mind your clinical history.

A Comprehensive Health Plan

your doctor can devise a complete health plan for you as to what medicines you should continue taking, what kind of effect is it having on your body, any particular lifestyle changes needed, etc.

Preventive Health Care

One of the most significant benefits of annual health checkups is preventive care. It helps in the early detection of diseases. Enumerated below are the three levels of preventive care

  • Primary Prevention Care: This is done to prevent the onset of disease entirely. For example- vaccination and immunizations.
  • Secondary Prevention Care: It is done to identify risk factors related to a disease, for example, performing a PAP test or a PET scan to detect the onset of abnormalities.
  • Tertiary Prevention Care: Once the diagnosis has been done regarding a particular disease, tertiary care helps in keeping it under check and maintaining good health. For example, not letting a heart attack happen to a patient diagnosed with a poor heart condition.

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Mental Health

Your body gives you constant warning signals if something is not going well inside. Our changing lifestyle takes a toll on many things, including our mental health. Visiting the health professional periodically might serve as a wakeup call, which we could have been ignoring.

If you are not well, you can’t do other things too. It is something that should not be neglected for anyone or by anyone. Keeping your body healthy is the first thing that needs to be done to do something more. Visit your primary health care provider to keep your body healthy or for any course corrections if needed.

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