Benefits Of A Corporate Wellness Program You Should Know

Benefits Of A Corporate Wellness Program You Should Know

Corporate wellness programs not only make your employees healthier and happier but also increases productivity. Adding a wellness program in your company is a must step of your business strategy to improve employee well-being and reduce their healthcare cost. Below mentioned points will describe how a successful corporate wellness program can incredibly benefit your organization.

1. Dropping Healthcare Cost

Dropping Healthcare Cost

Wellness programs are demonstrated to encompass a healthy return on investment. They are a great way for companies to combat rising insurance premiums. When we talk about health insurance premiums, quantifiable savings can be calculated over time. Instant savings possibly will not appear evident because of the time it takes for employees to benefit via healthier lifestyle choices; though, intangibles in entire company costs are simply just as important. According to a survey, companies conducting wellness programs have noticed a decrease in health care cost by 20-55% in their employees.

2. Reducing Employee Absenteeism and Illness

Reducing Employee Absenteeism and Illness

A common cough, cold, obesity, the nasty flu, or any chronic illness is some of the various reasons, large and small, why employees show absenteeism at work. Some little changes in the lifestyle can greatly influence overall well-being and health.

A program that comprises of training, education, as well as professional healthcare can significantly reduce absenteeism. As when employees arrive to work sick, other employees also tend to become sick who otherwise were doing well. According to a report, companies conducting wellness programs have experienced a steady decrease in lowered short-term sick leaves by 6-32% among their employees.

3. Reducing ‘Presenteeism’

Reducing 'Presenteeism'

It is often noticed that the employees are present at work but they are simply “out of it”. Presenteeism can be understood as the problem of workers being at work but, due to certain emotional stress or medical condition, not efficiently functioning.

The productivity of any individual can be sliced by one-third or even more when there are few unnoticed issues such as migraine, frequent sinus problems, or some other situation that go untreated, not to mention the distractions that come from personal stresses, for example, troubled relationships or ill family members. All of this results in a worker showing up in the office but not contributing to his potential.

4. Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity

One of the major goals of any corporate program is to persuade employees towards healthier lifestyles. According to various studies, when employees are healthy, they are in turn more productive and increased productivity by 2% to 52% is noticed among employees.

Healthy employees usually demonstrate superior levels of concentration, energy as well as increased output. Incentives, education, as well as healthcare lead by a successful corporate wellness program not only will ensure consistent performance but also at its optimum level.

5. Revamping Workplace Morale

Revamping Workplace Morale

The effectiveness of an Employee wellness program with respect to the office environment is very simple. All the employees who are fit and healthy perform better and are a whole lot happier. They understand that their organization is putting steps forward to ensure their well-being and health.

Also, wellness programs aid foster co-worker camaraderie. Few social groups like walking clubs and sports teams allow employees to cherish activities in nonwork-related settings, resulting in strong teamwork and reduced stress. So choose an effective employee wellness program from Truworth Wellness to enhance your employee engagement rate at the workplace.