Benefits of Corporate Wellness for Employers

Benefits of Corporate Wellness for Employers

Employers who desire for lower insurance rates, as well as healthy and productive employees, should definitely consider the benefits that a workplace wellness program offers. In case you are paying for too many sick leaves, or you simply want to boost the productivity, or you want to take a step forwards for the health of your employees so they live longer, then consider why a corporate wellness program is right for your company.

1. Fitness decreases healthcare costs

When employees are encouraged to eat nutritious and do regular exercise, they will have healthier and longer work periods. Also, they won’t fall sick very often and will exhibit more energy. Women who do exercise and lift weights are less likely to develop chronic bone diseases like osteoporosis, and males lifting heavy loads will also benefit from resistance training. When employees utilize their lunch breaks not just to eat but exercise, or when tea breaks are used for a quick walk around the office instead of a quick smoke, everyone’s health will be benefitted!

2. Fit employees are more productive

According to various studies, it has been proved that regular exercise boosts brain function. Therefore, fitness not only lowers down the healthcare costs, but healthy employees are smarter, hence, increase productivity! When you exercise, you breathe deeper and harder. All the extra oxygen stimulates your brain. Healthy employees encompass more strength and stamina.

3. Employees want corporate wellness programs

Employers that implement corporate wellness programs in their office have one more benefit to present to the prospective employees. When you present corporate wellness packages to your employees as part of your benefits package, you actually become a magnet for all the “well” applicants. If you desire for healthy employees and healthy applicants, you must provide a corporate wellness program.

4. Employees on wellness programs show gratitude

When fitness is readily accessible for employees, unhealthy employees are more probable to turn their lives around. A discouraged, obese office worker who now has access to online nutrition counselor and on-site gym will definitely start to make better choices. It will not only make your employees fit but your business blossom! You will be responsible for a healthier and happier workforce. Moreover, your employees will appreciate you for providing a healthy and safe environment and in turn, happy employee will work harder for the success of the organization.

5. Fitness for employees is fun

Granting permission to the employees to visit any specific online health site during working hours as well as conducting small games for refreshment is definitely not a waste of time!  As when employees will enjoy the little breaks and fun, it will keep them refreshed and energized, and they will resume work with a greater enthusiasm and deliver superior quality work, making you cherish the benefits of a corporate wellness program. You can also install small workout facility for your employees, to create fun and fitness atmosphere.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees happy and encouraged and at the same time run a successful business. When you implement a wellness program in your organization, it will not only make your employees fit but will also boost the productivity as healthy employees are happy and happy employees deliver superior work quality. Also, implementing corporate fitness will lower down the health cost and other issues such as absenteeism, sick leave etc.