Health Screening: A Perfect Starting Point for Corporate Wellness Program

Health Screening: A Perfect Starting Point for Corporate Wellness Program

Before you start the wellness program at your workplace, consider carrying out the corporate health checkup to get useful insights that will help you build a strong result-oriented workplace wellness program. A wellness program built after thorough research on the employees’ health is known to be more fruitful in terms of productivity & healthcare cost for the companies than the one implemented blindly for all employees.

Health checkup of employees on a regular basis keeps your employees motivated and your wellness program will draw more & more participation. Biometric screening can help you with the following questions.

  • Which health problems are the most common in your majority of employees?
  • Do your employees have healthy eating habits?
  • Have you observed positive changes with your existing workplace wellness program?

According to the CDC, the term biometric screening can be defined as the health tests conducted at the worksite to assess the health risks amongst the workforce. It usually measures various health parameters such as blood pressure, BMI, sugar level, pulse rate, height & weight.

As an employer, by conducting employees’ health checkups at the workplace, you will come to know a broader health picture of your organization so you have a clearer direction to follow through the wellness program.

As per the CDC, 70% of the healthcare expenses of the nation are to fight against chronic health diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular issues. The employer conducted biometric screenings at the workplace is a strong way to early detect these conditions among the employees. Afterwards, the workplace wellness program catering to the needs of the organization can play a vital role to address these chronic conditions of employees and improve their overall health & well-being, morale and productivity.

How a wellness program followed by biometric screenings is more fruitful

Health Screenings: Perfect Starting Point of Corporate Wellness Program

Let’s understand this with below two examples.

Suppose you have discovered high blood pressure is the most common health concern in your population after conducting successful on-site health checkups. The next step to address this concern would be to build a wellness program that will focus on the key health initiatives such as walking more steps daily, less sodium intake, aerobics, stress-relieving & weight lose.

The next example is focused on obesity in the workplace. Suppose the biometric screening report of your employees highlights the overweight employees in your company that may result in making them obese if not controlled over time. With such factual data in hand, you may reshape your wellness program to focus on healthy eating habits, proper exercise & positive mindset needed to reduce the risks caused by the increased weight. You can evaluate the wellness program at the time of the next screening of population by comparing the BMI & other health parameters with earlier data.

Workplace biometric screening can act as an early risk identification sign for both employees and employers. Employees will get sufficient time to manage their conditions without medication and avoid further complications. Also, employers will think of a clear strategy to transform their workplace wellness program to make a positive impact.

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