Corporate Wellness & AI

Corporate Wellness & AI

Wearable Technology and Corporate Wellness India

The marketplace of smartphones and wearable technology has been evolved a lot from the past few years. These devices include a variety of features for sensing and monitoring physical activity level, heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), along with other key health insights. These provide users’ with valuable data as feedback by learning their current level of wellness and health, as well as empowering them to monitor their ongoing results.

One of the fundamental elements of these devices is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is software like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana that seems to mimic human intelligence. It works by understanding and learning our behaviours and habits, coupled with data of billions of gigabytes. By analyzing this data, it responds with appropriate information enabling you to take the correct actions to maximize your progress. Whether it is as easy as playing the correct track to suit your mood, or assisting you with motivational prompts to aid you in achieving your personal best on your run.

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Artificial Intelligence & Corporate Wellness

According to some experts, AI software will turn out to become a prominent characteristic of wellness and as it can be utilized to distinguish trends and create accurate forecasts for the future. Businesses can utilize this technology to collect as well as analyze enormous amounts of data to enhance their wellness initiatives. AI software will become more capable to offer better personalization and rapid responses for employees.

“Virtual Healthcare Providers” is yet another compelling prospect for employers embracing Artificial Intelligence software. AI-powered chatbots could potentially be used by employers to help employees with questions concerning disease management, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle management. All these chatbots will be accessible 24/7 to the employees on any mobile device they are using, making wellness more convenient.

There exist a clear correlation between high levels of job satisfaction with powerful corporate performance. This is the reason why technology like AI is showing such assuring results in the sector of employee wellness.

AI helping in improving employee health

‘Health Monitoring’ becomes more impactful and easy with the use of technology such as AI. This gives both employers and employees insight into work patterns, such as how long did employees spend sitting at their desk, how the stress levels of employees changes throughout the day. This forms the basis from which employers can make meaningful workplace improvements.

Companies are now realizing that corporate wellness is an essential part of any company’s structure. As the industry grows, data, technology, and increased insight into what stimulates employees to stay healthy are moulding the future of employee wellness programs.