Top 11 Corporate Wellness Incentive Ideas by Budget

Top 11 Corporate Wellness Incentive Ideas by Budget

Corporate Wellness Incentives by Budget

Wellness programs are initiatives by corporates to ensure and improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. Properly implemented wellness programs translate into reduced healthcare costs for the employer. But today, a mere awareness drive regarding smoking cessation or weight loss isn’t enough to drive the behavioral change needed, employees need more, and that’s where incentives step in.

Incentives play a significant role in garnering participation for wellness programs as they aid in achieving the behavioral change required to kick off the wellness initiatives.

Since the last decade, there has been a great inclination towards providing incentives for employee wellness programs. Here we have come up with five ideas for employee incentives that won’t break your bank!

Types of wellness incentives

Participation based

These types of incentives are for everyone who participates in the program. They are the most inclusive type of incentives and elicits involvement from the workforce.

Progress based

These are awarded to people who achieve a particular milestone, ensuring active involvement by the participants, for ex., a target weight count achieved, or the number of steps accomplished, etc.

Success based

These are incentives awarded to people who achieve the target, milestones targeted by the wellness programs. Though they are the least inclusive of all, awarded to only a few people, outcome-based incentives serve as a great instigator for people to reach the finish line. When your employees sign up to participate, attain certain milestones, or make progress you can acknowledge them in the company’s bulletin boards, newsletters, or on the social media platforms.

Enumerated below are some of the incentives that might help you to initiate a successful wellness program

Sports and activewear

Fitness clothing might serve as a good incentive in getting people to start their fitness-related activities. For ex., gym membership, on-site gyms, fitness-related activities like a marathon, etc.

Gym memberships

A lot of companies offer perks like an on-site gym for their employees or a gym membership to aid physical fitness.

Kitchen utensils

Offer incentives like cooking utensils to encourage healthy eating, for ex., shakes, and smoothies.

Stand-up desks

Standing desks are an excellent alternative for people who wish to add some flexibility and mobility to their everyday routine.

Flexible work hours

Propose flexible work hours for your employees to encourage work out sessions. In the beginning, it might seem scary to let employees decide their own schedules, but it provides them with the freedom to work during their own peak hours.

A comp off

A comp off or a day off with pay works as an excellent incentive to kick start your initiative.

Paid athletic events like a marathon

Pay the entrance fee to events like a marathon to get them started with their fitness activities.

Coupons and gift cards

Offer incentives like coupons, gift cards, course admission fees, museum entry fees, concert tickets, books, magazine subscriptions, movie tickets, car wash coupons, etc.

Allow a little family time

Allow a few flexible hours for personal errands like, when the kid is not well, or there is some school function, etc.

Health devices

Devices like pedometers, glucometer strips are useful for people suffering from ailments.


The celebration of wellness programs can come in various sizes and shapes. You could have a potluck during lunch or bring in healthy snacks to the office. You could let everyone get together to relax and mingle or simply screen a movie at work. These small celebrations can be proposed as incentives for attaining group goals or could be offered particularly to individuals who have attained their own individual goals.

Encourage service

Allow your employees to contribute to the society by offering services to the organizations they associate with, without being reprimanded at work. Millennials, today, associate themselves more to workplaces that allow some sort of community service, to render meaning to their work life.

Employees are the greatest asset to any company. Invest wisely in them to reap the maximum benefits.  Incentives are excellent motivation booster for employees! Building an incentive wellness program, however, can be overwhelming. As with all aspects of the wellness program,  you must keep the requirements of your employees in mind.

How We can Incentivize Employees to Develop Healthy Habits

Truworth Wellness uses an engagement metric known as PEPs (Productivity Enhancement Points). Employees are able to earn PEPs when they perform tasks such as exercising, walking certain steps, eating right, and educating themselves about healthy habits. After reaching a certain threshold, users can exchange their PEPs for rewards such as discount coupons, gift vouchers, and other exciting freebies.

However, simply giving users PEPs and rewards does not guarantee high employee engagement. Our gamification and wellness strategy is based on an understanding of intrinsic motivation. Engaging in behaviour because of its inherent value in terms of interest or joy leads to intrinsic motivation. Therefore, additional to extrinsic motivation such as Health Rewards and Recognition, we focus primarily on education the users about long-term benefits of developing a healthy lifestyle. If the users are able to understand the value of healthy behaviours, they are more likely to help their peers develop the same.

Here at Truworth Wellness, we strongly believe that by incentivizing your workplace wellness program you can really build engagement of your employees.

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