Developing an Ideal Workplace for Millennials

Developing an Ideal Workplace for Millennials

Developing an Ideal Workplace for Millennials

India stands strong when it comes to a favorable demographic dividend, with 0.8 billion people in the working-age from its 1.2 billion-strong population. By the year 2026, this demographic dividend is expected to get much more potent, with 64.8% of the population being in the working-age of 15-64 years. Source:

So, factoring in millennials when drafting business strategies becomes imperative for successful business growth.

According to research,

  • 64% of millennials won’t agree to a job if they don’t see CSR in practice.
  • 33% of consumers prefer to buy from brands with a purpose.
  • 88% say their jobs would be more fulfilling if allowed to work towards a societal or environmental cause.

So, here we have listed down a few steps as to what you, as a company, should do to assimilate this incumbent talent into your organization.

Make your workplace flexible and friendly

Flexibility has different connotations for everyone and includes everything in here. Flexibility in terms of working stations, working hours, seating arrangements, etc. make your workplace as fluid and comfortable as it can be for these new-age people.

Go technology friendly for this tech-savvy Gen

Millennials are growing up in a digitalized world surrounded by tablets, smartphones, netbooks, etc. In making your workplace, a state of the art technology, you not only ensure efficiency and productivity, but it also helps your team get an edge in an increasingly competitive market by steadily developing new skills. With the advanced software and cloud-based marketing strategies, accessing data is easier; consequently aiding in reducing the customer attrition rate.

Work-life balance

According to research, millennials prefer working in places that provide corporate wellness programs and were more likely to recommend them too. Today, people are more conscious about balancing different facets of their lives and are outspoken about it. Here are a few measures that can help you meet their wellness goals

1. Keep in mind ergonomics while designing your workplace.
2. Plan potlucks or fun outings.
3. Get rid of cubicles.
4. Provide napping rooms or go-to corners.
5. Provide Onsite gyms or paid fitness memberships.
6. Travel allowances.
7. Offer mindfulness sessions.
8. Facilitate social interactions and bonding.
9. Offer an EAP service.
10. Proffer tokens of appreciation whenever needed.
11. Frequent breaks from desk to stretch and unwind.

Facilitate growth and communication

A culture of transparency and corresponding accountability and authority appeals to everyone, and more so, to these new-gen people. Help them learn and grow by offering training, reverse mentoring, peer learning, ease of upward mobility in the organizational hierarchy, etc. Offer suggestions wherever necessary and take feedbacks, as a culture of transparent communication is cherished by all.

Focus on your CSR

People today prefer to work for companies that serve the society in some way. It’s not just monetary gains now, devoting energy and time to something that would serve a purpose, entices millennials more, as demonstrated in the new studies. The more a business strives to give back to society, the more it appeals to society as a place of work.

An inclusive workspace

When we learn to celebrate our differences, inclusivity truly becomes a part of our work culture. And a workplace that fosters inclusivity fosters success in its entirety. According to a study, nearly half of millennials considered inclusivity and diversity when considering a job. A diverse workplace offers innovation, more ideas, employee engagement, productivity, goodwill for the company, combats cultural homogeneity fostering tolerance, creativity, diverse human resources of the company and consequently helps to diversify the client base bringing more business for the company.

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Offer a comfortable location

A short commute is attractive to everyone and especially for this gen, more aware of the environmental woes. So, perks like travel allowances, proximity to transit modes, a central location i.e., a walkable commercial area, accessible garage facilities, etc., might serve as vital factors in skimming through jobs.

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