Office Ergonomics Guide for Employee Well-being

Office Ergonomics Guide for Employee Well-being

Are you looking forward to reducing health care costs and worker’s compensation for your organization? Is enhancing productivity one of your organization’s core business objectives this season?

If this is the case, then improving or establishing your company’s workplace ergonomics process must be on the top of your to-do list. In fact, a lot of leading companies are deeply integrating ergonomics into all of their operations. And it’s no wonder when you take a look at the benefits of an effective ergonomics process.

The best ergonomic solutions will undoubtedly enhance productivity. By designing a job to allow for less exertion, good posture, fewer motions and better reaches and heights, workstation automatically becomes more efficient.

A comfortable workspace can help you give your best at work. Give your workspace a makeover with the below guide to office ergonomics.

Sitting at your desk for long working hours lead to neck & back pain or stressful wrists & fingers. To minimize the risks of these health issues, it requires a perfect office ergonomics such as proper chair height, correct sitting posture, the ideal spacing between your body and system.

Office Ergonomics Tips for Employee Well-being


Make sure that the height of your chair properly managed to give complete rest to your feet touching the floor. If your chair doesn’t offer any support to your lower back, don’t forget to use a soft object such as a small pillow at the back of your chair.

Arrangement of Work Objects on Office DesksArrangement of Work Objects on your Desk

It is very important how you place the things at your desk that are required to perform daily work. The key objects include a mouse, printer, mobile phone, landline, printing paper, notepad and more. Ensure these objects are put closer to you to make them reachable without giving much stretch to your body parts. In order to avoid any unnecessary stress to your body, it is advisable to stand to pick any object which is not reachable while sitting.

Office Ergonomics Guide MouseMouse Positioning

The ideal place to for your mouse would be at the side of your keyboard where you can easily reach. You must take care of your wrist while using a mouse. Ensure your wrist is in a perfectly comfortable position while using a mouse to avoid any stress.

Wrist Support OfficeWrist Support

You can use wrist rest to lower the discomfort arising in your wrist while working in the office. While typing on the keyboard, keep your wrists straight and give support with wrist rest so it doesn’t generate any strain on your arm or shoulder.

Office Ergonomics HeadsetHeadset

Use quality headsets if you are continuously involved with a task in which voice call or video conferencing is required along with typing. Avoid using mobile phone for work-related communication within the office building as it generated strain to your neck.

Support for your Feet in WorkplaceSupport for your Feet

If your chair is slightly higher, you won’t be able to keep your feet in a resting position on the floor. You can buy a footrest or a small stool or you can make it your own according to your height so your feet get proper support while sitting for long hours.

Sitting Posture Office ErgonoicsSitting Posture

Try to keep your head centred just above the back of your neck. Do not stretch your neck forward to the monitor. Always sit straight keeping your thighs horizontal. While sitting, keep your knees at the same level as your hips.

Monitor Height on DeskHeight of Monitor

The height of the monitor should be at the same level as your eyes so you don’t have to give unnecessary strain to your eyes. The keyboard needs to be put in front of your monitor so you don’t have to stretch your neck and head.

Eye Care in OfficeEye Strain

Sitting in front of a monitor for long hours leads to eye strain that can further cause various complications. Consider taking short breaks in between the working hours. You can also wash your eyes with cold water on an hourly basis to avoid dryness.You can explore more tips to keep your eyes safe at work


The above office ergonomics guide will help you make proper workplace arrangements to provide comfort and avoid related health issues among your employees. Ensure the workstations of your employees and related objects are arranged correctly.