Strategies & Activities For Building Health At Workplace

Strategies & Activities For Building Health At Workplace

A lot of studies demonstrate that physical activity and mental wellness programs and strategies in the workplace decrease health problems of the employees as well as raise overall productivity. This can be applied in your office in collaboration with a nutritionist. Incorporating a mental wellness program and physical activity in combination with the nutrition program in your office will offer a lot of benefits. All these benefits can be helpful in relieving anxiety, reducing weight, stress, depression and absenteeism, improving sleeping patterns, decreasing risks of health problems, as well as an overall emotion of well-being.

According to the recent evidence, it has been proved that sitting prolonged at your desk, which usually occurs in the workplace, is associated with premature mortality, diabetes and heart diseases. Moreover, lack of physical activity can result in work-related illnesses as well as prolonged recovery. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) by including mental wellness and physical activity programs in their work culture a lot of organizations have reduced the sick leaves 32% and amplified the productivity by 52%.

Incorporating just 30 minutes of routine physical activity and few minutes of mental wellness weekly can positively boost and enhance your workplace environment. Numerous mental wellness strategies and physical activity in collaboration with a nutritionist can be incorporated in your workplace. Such programs result in positive effects in mental, dietary, as well as physical behaviors and further lessens the risk of chronic diseases  at workplace.

By following the below mentioned 7-step Plan you can help your organization in becoming active and promoting corporate wellness:

1. Provide Information and Support

Work together with the nutritionist for individual sessions, weekly group meetings, as well as update informational resources for employees.

2. Standing and Walking Meetings

In place of the typical sit-down meetings go for walking and standing meetings. This reduces the sedentary behavior, keeps the body physically active as well as promotes body circulation.

3. Encourage the Use of Stairs

Make your employees active by encouraging the use of stairs over the elevator. Create small competitions within departments to make it lively.

4. Affiliation with Local Gyms

Get group discounts at the local gyms. Bonding is very important among employees as it promotes teamwork and boosts employee morale which in turn enhances the performance of the employees.

5. Encourage Corporate Sporting Events

Companies must organize few corporate sporting events as well as fun runs. The organization can also sign up their employees to participate in local runs, hence, promoting their company as a health conscience organization.

6. Offering Onsite Yoga Classes

Conduct meditation and yoga sessions to enhance motivation and mood and to build a sense of relaxation prior meetings. At times, the workplace becomes stressful; Yoga can aid in overcoming from this.

7. Motivational Signage, Announcements, and Alerts

Craft a workplace environment that promotes active well-being and lifestyles, encourage stair use, practice inspiring quotes that boost self-esteem.

Bad health is just not a side effect for employees, but it is also harmful for the organization. Healthier employees are much happier and hence enhance job performance, satisfaction, morale, and productivity. All the organizations which promote healthier, active, as well as more relaxed employees in their workforce, lead to greater success in the company’s operations, by savings on absenteeism, health bills, as well as retention of employees. Eventually, these health programs offer a win-win situation for both employees and the organization.