How COVID-19 will Reshape your Corporate Wellness Program

How COVID-19 will Reshape your Corporate Wellness Program

COVID-19 has totally transformed the way corporate companies used to work previously. It has also changed the sort of wellness support required for the workforce for the improved business outcome & productivity.

As the businesses are slowly getting back to normal with new protocols in order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19. With this changing work culture, employees will also have different expectations from the workplace wellness programs. So organizations have to reshape their wellness program in order to constitute the future needs for COVID-19.

Here are some of the ways for HR to redefine the workplace wellness strategy that will engage the needs of employees amid COVID-19.

How COVID-19 will Reshape your Corporate Wellness Program

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Experts have predicted that business operations will open up steadily in stages and may close again if the COVID-19 cases spike-up abruptly. Such restrictions can make the life of people more difficult in terms of staying healthy & fit.

Generally, there is a provision of reward points given to the employees through corporate wellness programs for achieving certain well-being goals. These rewards may constitute GYM membership. However, in today’s pandemic scenario, video-based live fitness sessions from a trainer make more sense rather than GYM memberships. So include more & more live-streaming fitness classes for employees in your wellness program.

Reducing Healthcare Cost

An effective corporate wellness program can help employees, as well as employers, reduce the healthcare cost by giving them the right direction. Many chronic health issues such as diabetes, back pain or stress can lead to higher insurance claims and thus increasing the cost. This cost can be controlled by the corporate wellness program by customizing it according to the health needs of employees.

You can also consider opening telemedicine service for your employees replacing the urgent care visit to the healthcare centre which is very costly. Apart from that, the corporate wellness program may constitute various back pain exercises so concerned employees get benefited.

Mental Healthcare

In such pandemic time when employees are working from home. Mental health support becomes important along with physical health. So the corporate wellness program can be customized to entertain the mental health needs of the employees. Consider including remote mental health strategies in your program so they feel motivated & energetic after returning back to work.

Extra Support for Employees with Chronic Conditions

People with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension back pain are more sensitive to COVID-19 so in these difficult times, they need extra care in terms of health & well-being. During the time of lockdown, employees are working from home that causes less physical activity and workout. The amount of stress also gets increased owing to improper ergonomics followed for a long time while working from home. Limited physical activity may further increase the risks involved with hypertension, diabetes or other chronic health issues.

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