How Digital Detox Can Boost Productivity

How Digital Detox Can Boost Productivity

Digital Detox for Employee Productivity

We must admit that we’ll are so addicted to technology that most of the time we can’t seem to put down our smartphones, even while watching movies or when we’re at dinner with friends. And, with almost everybody admitting to being ‘totally hooked‘on their Smartphone, we think our addiction is absolutely normal.

But actually it is different from what we think, digital addiction isn’t normal and it’s, in reality, having a negative impact on our lives. Our constant use of technology not only makes us unhappy but it also severely impacts our productivity at the workplace.

Truworth Wellness as an active member of the healthcare industry promotes a healthy balance between our offline and online life through digital detox retreats. Today we’ve come up with three ways how a digital detox boosts productivity at work.


Digital Detox Leads to Less Stress

At the time we’re stressed, we find it very difficult to focus and as a result, our productivity goes out the window. Work is stressful enough while we’re in the office; yet, most of us choose to take it home with us. Answering a few out of office emails isn’t as productive as we actually think, and it brings the stress of office into our homes.

A lot of businesses have started realizing the impact of this hyper-connectivity to the digital world on employees’ stress levels. Keeping this in mind a lot of large companies have started with the initiative of “turn off emails at the end of the working day to make sure that employees fully relax after working hours. With a digital detox retreat, we actually get a real break from work and this makes us feel less stressed.


Digital detox leads to more creativity

To reconnect in new ways it is very important to unplug from time-to-time. While we’ve our cell phones as well as other technology to distract us, it becomes difficult to keep our focus on the task at hand. We start to scroll through Facebook on our phone to buying our favourite outfit and then back to our actual project. Multitasking is a complete myth; it is proven to lower both creativity as well as productivity.

According to a study from Harvard Business School, individuals who concentrated on one activity at a time were more likely to be creative as compared to those who tried multitasking.


digital detox leads to Improved Concentration & Focus

We get distracted at a lot while working. According to a study, Human attention spans have significantly declined in the last decade, since the introduction of the smartphone.

Our smartphones have become the biggest cause of distractions, even while we’re not using them. Text messages, push notifications, emails and our phone calls constantly distract us. By simply taking a break from technology, we can improve both our concentration and focus, this will not only help us improve productivity in the workplace but also keep us stress-free.