How to Build a Community Culture in the Workplace

How to Build a Community Culture in the Workplace

Here in this article, we’ll put some light on some ways to build a community culture in the workplaces in order to improve the mental well-being of the workforce.

Having a healthy social and communal relationship of employees with their colleagues, family and friends lead to increased health and fitness owing to the reduced impact of emotional or mental stressors caused by various external sources.

Today, social media has become a powerful medium to communicate and share information with friends, family and other social communities. It has been observed increased mental stress among employees who have do not have access to social media communities such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in their working hours. Such restrictions will lead to hampered energy levels of employees that in turn causes productivity loss. So allowing social media access to employees in the workplace as a part of occasional mini-breaks are known to refresh their minds and lower stress. Additionally, the connections and communities they join through social media can be beneficial for their as well as the company’s growth.

Every company should work to create such a culture in the workplace that it gives a feeling of a community so employees don’t face mental discomfort. Here are some ways for HR professionals and employers to build a community culture in the workplace to retain & recruit talent.

Building Community Culture in the Workplace

Welcoming the suggestions from the workforce to build the workplace strategy

Every employee should be involved to build the workplace strategy and deciding the business goals. So make your business meetings and workplace structuring open to the workforce to give them a sense of community. After all the company’s growth is driven by human capital only so transparency in the workplace strategies increase their trust and happiness level.

Ensure the Equality of Corporate Policy Irrespective of the Hierarchy

The rules defined in the corporate policy must not be differentiated as per the level of the employees. No one should be above the rules for any corporate building community culture in the workplace. Employees feel isolated and stressed when the integrity of rules are lost by customizing or breaking them for some people.

Promote Diversity in the Workplace

Promoting diversity is essential in the workplace in order to build a culture of innovation and creativity. Employees from diverse backgrounds and experiences do have a big effect on business and workplace culture. In a diverse work atmosphere, every employee feels respected and equal as there is no biasing in such workplace. This eventually contributes to creating a community culture.

Foster positivity by allowing employees to share thoughts fearlessly

There may be different factors in the workplace that act as frustrations raising agent for employees. However, this can be natural so employees must be allowed to share their frustrations with their seniors or HR without any fear. This will increase communal trust among the employees.

Appreciate Employees through the Employee Recognition Program

Honouring and appreciating employees have always been an effective way to acknowledge people who follow and promote the organization values. The employee recognition program can be conducted on a quarterly basis that will also act as a great platform to interact with employees and further encourage the workforce to do the good work & live the organization values. Thus all employees will have a common set of goals to feel a sense of community.

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