How Workplace Wellness Can Help Companies Retain Top Talent

How Workplace Wellness Can Help Companies Retain Top Talent

The cost of the company plays a vital role to retain top talents in the organization in order to provide them with the required benefits. Healthcare benefits are also one of these benefits as offering health benefits to the workforce tends to increase the cost of the company. So anytime you think of offering some benefits to the employees, the associated costs keeps troubling you.

Offering good benefits to present potential employees with a tight company budget can be very challenging for recruiters. However, on the other hand, recruiting top talent can help you to a certain aspect and it is certainly your responsibility.

An effective employee wellness program can be considered as a perfect solution to keep your employees happy, engaged and associated with the organization for long.

Workplace Wellness to Retain and Recruit Talent

Retaining Top Talent

Recruiters can consider wellness programs as one of the perks for employees which can be implemented in the workplace according to the need and interest of the workforce. A lot of companies offer a smoking cessation program to quit their smoking habit of employees; others might offer health risk assessments (HRA)

to make them adopt healthy behaviors. In the past few years, many companies tried both these programs and received a good positive reaction from young employees.

According to a survey, a lot of organizations are taking wellness initiatives in the workplace to keep their employees happy.

Offering wellness benefits might be a strategic approach for your company to sustain with varying demands of the employees provided that the young professionals have huge expectations from their jobs as compared to their older ones.

Investing in the well-being of your employees will not only take care of employees for the long term, but it can also meet their expectations in terms of job satisfaction.

Presenting Wellness Program as a Perk for Employees

Effective corporate wellness programs focus on the holistic well-being of employees. HR persons of the company must work with their employees to determine the correct approach of implementing wellness programs at the workplace. However, some of the tactics are easy to adopt and common for all companies. Here, we have come with three tactics that will aid you in positioning your corporate wellness program as a perk.

1. Go Beyond The Surface

Starting a comprehensive wellness program in your workplace building might draw employee participation straight away. However, you must emphasize more on changing workforce lifestyles to produce a maximum positive outcome of the program. An effective wellness program will require a three-prong approach from the employers – through support, encouragement, and a long-lasting plan of action.

Start encouraging your employees to follow beyond the basic wellness goals focusing on one habit they want to improve. Work hard and set a daily healthy routine at your workplace and home until it reflects into behavior changes.

2. Strategize a Program based on Workforce Interest

The core strength of your program needs to be an interest-centric methodology and must incorporate comprehensive health and well-being benefits. Help your workforce by providing them with personal trainers, coaches and medical advisors so they can be aware of their health issues and find out the are of improvement. You can remotely connect with your employees to offer well-being solutions to reduce the cost of the company. For example, many companies connect their employees with health advisor on demand by organizing video chat.

3. Integrate Bonus Wellness Solutions

After setting up the basics right, you have numerous of opportunities. Your focus should be on making your workforce creative by knowing about the interests and activities of your employees.

Few ideas of bringing health and fitness experts onsite and on demand includes yoga instructors, nutritionists, or dietetians in the office premises. Consider keeping healthy food options in the office refrigerator. Additionally you can associate with the local gyms and provide membership to your passionate employees on your behalf.

The manner you promote and encourage wellness is as much limited by your creativity as your budget. Therefore, invest the maximum you can, as an efficient program not only will help your employees in improving their health and reducing the cost of healthcare but also will help you in retaining your highly valuable talent.