Making Corporate Wellness More Personal

Making Corporate Wellness More Personal

Making Corporate Wellness More Personal

Building Engagement With Personalization

In the present scenario, moving towards personalization is one of the most ubiquitous trends in business. Making things as meaningful, individualized and relevant as possible. According to a recent survey, nowadays, health and wellness programs demand more personalization for their success.

So would you like to personalize your workplace wellness program, with limited time and on a budget? Yes!! It can be done by the following three ways: personalized service, customisation, personal data.

1. Personalised Services

While customisation online is a feasible option, nothing is better than one-on-one personalized consultations. Noticeable changes occur when employees gain personal attention via health expert.
One of the finest ways to carry out this is through onsite consultations. Qualified health professionals visit your workplace to personally have a word with each employee. They carry out a comprehensive health assessment, know about your goals, barriers, and challenges, and finally provide you with personalized feasible advice.

2. Customisation

A wellness program that is customised permits employees to “select their own adventure”. Employees can build the foundation of their wellness efforts on issues that are significant to them, be it stress management, fitness, weight loss and so on.
Also, it allows them to take options that satisfy their present requirements.

3. Personalised Data

Data can be motivational and personal. It can be a force for good. Moreover, it’s now simpler for any organization to collect and meaningfully analyze data. Different types of wearables such as fitbits have become highly popular because users get prompt and continuous information regarding how well they’re performing, or what improvements they need to do to finally reach their goals.  Also, they get rewards for their performances in the form of charts, points and, levels.