Office Singing And Its Benefits

Office Singing And Its Benefits

If you limit your singing just to the shower, you may be missing out on one of the most enjoyable and best opportunities to bond with your team members. According to a recent research carried out by psychologists at the University of Oxford, singing together is the most powerful bonding behavior for adults.

The study included several courses that last for several months and demonstrated how strangers’ relationships progressed over time. There were different courses such as creative writing, crafting and singing. Of the seven courses, the participants engaged in singing bonded faster.

According to Dr. Eiluned Pearce, one of the lead researchers “Singing is found in all human societies and can be performed to some extent by the vast majority of people.”

Besides strengthening social cohesion, singing has also been shown to ease stress. While a lot of companies are implementing lunchtime yoga to promote employee mental well-being and health, some say that office choir may be the next big thing when it comes to employee wellness.

Benefits Of Office Singing

1. Unite Departments

Office choir helps in increasing inter-department cooperation. Sharing the same passions brings people together from across the organization. This further translates into sharing of ideas across department and teams and hence, promoting a cohesive company culture.

2. Build Strong Bonds

Office karaoke nights help the company’s employees bond more deeply. Singing helps people loosen their inhibitions. Singing in front of one another truly create an office culture where there’s no idea of looking stupid or bad, which eventually leads to a ton of light bulb moments.  Singing develops a sense of unity and you learn to be vulnerable around your colleagues and develop a sense of trust.

3. Help You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Letting loose at the office helps individuals be better at their jobs by experiencing the benefit of stepping out of their comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone promotes greater innovation, be more creative and allow yourself to see things in a completely new way.