How to Reinvent your Workplace Culture

How to Reinvent your Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is not something that can help you to bring new clients for business or increase revenue directly. However, it is very important to create a healthy & creative environment for employees so they feel positive and perform with their full potential in the workplace.

The company culture is made up of two ingredients. Of which one is the values & ideology that company follows and every employee has to learn those values, the other is how the managers & employees interact with each other and how they dress up in the office. In short, the overall social well-being of employees also plays an important role in forming company culture.

As an HR or employer of the company, if you want to reinvent or change the workplace culture, you will have to play with the above-explained ingredients. Changing company values is a straight forward task without much difficulty but modifying the work environment have more challenges especially if your company has hired the employees from different regions or localities.

When to Change Workplace Culture?

Reinventing Workplace Culture

A bad workplace culture comprises various factors such as poor behavior of managers with employees, long stressful work schedule in the office, no fun activities & many more.

Here are some of the scenarios often found in the corporate that is responsible for toxic & negative workplace culture.

Expecting outcomes from employees all the time

Plenty of companies don’t know how to hire & retain the talent as they follow the traditional approach of considering employees only the output producers. However, the relationship between employee & employer should not be limited to paying for producing business outcomes. Every time giving stress to employees for producing results will force them to switch the job.

No Culture Created in the Workplace

Many founders have no culture idea while starting a company with 2-3 people in the workplace. They usually have the vision of expanding the business and make it profitable all the time. At the initial stage, every start-up is operated by the founder and his colleagues. Overtime when new employees are hired, the company gets a variety of new ideas to form a workplace culture which requires further clarification from the leaders.

Favoritism in the Workplace

Many big corporate organizations which are already established do have biased culture, causes the formation of favouritism in the workplace. Such toxic factors lead to many problems such as lack of diversity in the management, gender equality issues in the workplace, hatred feeling in employees toward the company and more.

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How to Reinvent the Workplace Culture

If you have observed the above-mentioned toxic workplace culture scenarios, its time to reinvent the culture. It can take longer but eventually brings good vibes in your workforce as time passes.

First of all, ask your employees to give ideas to modify the rules or things that trigger negative vibes in them. Discuss with them about how the new workplace culture needs to be. After all the new culture should support the employees’ emotions who have decided to take the business to new heights o success.

After redefining the culture, share with your workforce and do not hesitate to reiterate on regular basis as per the feedback from your employees. Most of the employees will love the newly designed cultural changes. However, there may be a few employees who won’t accept the new way of workplace culture straight away, give them ample amount of time so they come out of the previous routine and get benefitted from the reinvention.