How to Enhance Employee Well-being through Resiliency

How to Enhance Employee Well-being through Resiliency

Stress has become a part of everyone’s life nowadays. Whether it’s family or work life, stress follows us everywhere in the form of financial challenges for livelihood or performance issues in the workplace.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of the employees consider their job as the primary source of stress inducers in their lives. This seems quite possible in today’s scenario as when we enter the workplace, there is a long list of emails, meetings, discussions and previous work deadlines already waiting for us.

This increased level of stress leads to reduced productivity, increased health cost and employee burnout which further raises the risks of adverse health consequences. If the increased level of stress stays continue for a longer period, it can develop a danger of getting a stroke, heart attack, week immunity or some other forms of health complexities.

Looking at the current situation of the corporate world, it seems the modern work culture and lifestyle habits leading to stress, are not going to change in near future so the practice of resilient becomes meaningful to remain calm and happy. The HR professionals of the company must understand the importance of resilient amongst the employees in the workplace. Resilient people stay calm and never stuck in a negative situation for long. They have the ability to bounce back from the burnout in the workplace.

Resilient practises and strategies to build resilient in the workplace can be learned very easily without any dedicated instructor. See below simple tactics that will help you to become resilient so you have the ability to cope up with stress and other mental challenges.

Enrich Employee Well-being through Resilience

Developing Healthy Relationships with other Employees

Start building a healthy and positive relationship with your co-workers. It will help to create a good social circle in the workplace so you enjoy more while working. The strong network in the workplace will also help you to get support from your colleagues while facing any difficulty in the task allotted to you.

Self-care Habit

You have to start taking care of yourself as you are the only best friend of your own. Develop some good habits like having an adequate amount of sleep, moving your body for physical activity, staying calm for some time in meditation and feeding your body with nutrients.


Don’t get stuck within your own ego. Things and situations keep changing and you should build a habit to become adaptable of changes. It will help you to be more resilient than the people who always resist changes.

Consider Problem as a New Learning Phase

The effect of a problem that arises in any phase of life depends upon how you react to the same. If you respond to any problem with a negative mindset, it’s not going to resolve. It is said that the problem remains a problem until it’s resolved. So start finding out the ways to solve the problems. It will also help you to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge that will help you to grow professionally.

Celebrate Achievements

If you are not celebrating each moment of achieving some success in the workplace yet, start doing the same as each moment of having a smile on your face counts. Don’t get blocked into the things that don’t go well, move on as things don’t remain constant. Give yourself a hug of compliment when things do well and you get success of smaller achievements.

Re-energize through Short Breaks and Vacations

As more and more people accept the workplace as a primary source of stress so you have to find some time for yourself to get out of the negativities and re-energize to confront new work-challenges. For this, you should consider taking short breaks regularly from your work-time to calm your mind and body. You may opt for family vacations for some days so you come back with new energy and happy mindset to take up business challenges.


Both employers and employees must take this responsibility of creating an atmosphere of resilience in the workplace. Supporting resilience in the workplace is the best thing employer can offer their employees so they learn bouncing back from any stressful situation at work. If you’re also looking to build an environment of resilience in your workplace, contact us to get associated with our corporate wellness programs.