This Christmas Spread Positivity At Work

This Christmas Spread Positivity At Work

5 Tips for Promoting Positivity At Work

Your presence should make a positive difference to the environment you are in. Whether you’re an employee or an employer promoting positivity at work will help look at the brighter side of things. Practicing optimism and positivity have been linked to various health benefits, less stress and increased productivity. Employees who are optimistic are happier and more engaged in their work, so it’s absolutely a win-win situation.

So, this Christmas let’s just spread some positivity in the air as ‘positivity is contagious’.

1. Spread Your Smile

Smile even in the situations when you don’t feel like doing it. This really simple act of turning your frown upside down can actually help boost positive feelings and thoughts. Smiling costs nothing and this simple gesture tricks your mind into feeling happier and positive. A genuine smile is always contagious. Even if the numbers are going down, smiling at your co-workers will boost them with confidence –that everything will be alright.

2. Be Thankful

We all desire some praise or recognition for the efforts that we make. A modest ‘thank you’ goes a really long way. Make it a practice to thank people for their dedication and work at least once a day, but always remember to keep it genuine. The role of practicing thankfulness is actually learning to realize when you are grateful for something.

3. Exhibit Gratitude

Recognizing the positive qualities in others encourages bring out the positive qualities in yourself. Gratitude actually expands your happiness and modifies your way of thinking. Gratitude is particularly helpful in the workplace as it helps develop trust, respect, as well as mutual appreciation. Spread gratitude among your workforce by complimenting them. This simple act of kindness will really build a lot of positivity at work.

4. Practice Positive Messaging

Remember your words are very powerful. Positive messaging means practicing words that are filled with optimism. Communicating in a constructive and positive way will alter the way your listeners receive your feedback. Remember, your communication must be encouraging, personal, empowering and passionate.

5. Build Relationships

Promoting healthy work relationships is fundamental to a positive work environment. Social gatherings and regular check-ins at work are excellent ways to promote healthy relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and employees. Be cautious not to get tunnel vision when it comes to forming work relationships.