Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

According to the Environmental protection study (EPA), polluted air inside the workplaces causes productivity problems and increased absenteeism among employees due to poor health.


Indoor air quality plays a significant role in employees’ health and productivity. It causes various health issues in the workforce as the air inside the workplace building is more polluted than the external atmosphere. HR persons, employees and business owners must think of improving the quality of the air inside the company building to minimize its impact on business productivity and the well-being of staff.

According to the EPA, polluted indoor air arises productivity problems and increased absences among employees. As an employee, you cannot identify the quality of the air surrounded by your office walls as it is somehow suppressed under the fragrances of room fresheners and air cooling devices used in the offices which give us ease of comfort.

Things that make indoor air polluted

There are various factors associated with air quality in the home and commercial buildings. With rapid industrialization and lifestyle changes, many pollutants are increasingly impacting the quality of the air. See below some of the common pollutants that impact the indoor air quality.


Smoke is dangerous whether it arises from cigarette smokers or automobiles. The smoke that arises from petrol or diesel vehicles is unlikely to enter the workplace building. However, the employees who smoke can infect the indoor air quality. Although they smoke outside the workplace building yet you can feel the smell from their clothes or skin when they enter the office. Cigarette smoke contains very high toxic chemicals that directly infect one’s respiratory system.


Dust degrades the air quality and tends to indoor air pollution especially when the workplace building doesn’t have proper ventilation facility. Without enough air passage system, the dust particles consistently revolve inside the workplace that leads to allergy or some other form of health issues in the employees.


Every commercial building has the existence of chemicals emitted from commercial products such as office furniture, wall, floor coverings, cleaning equipment and more. Certain gases which pollute the indoor air include carbon mono oxide, nitrogen dioxide also exists in the workplace.

How HR can Improve Workplace Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality of Workplace


Regular cleaning of the workplace with disinfectants reduces the dust, smoke and other pollutants from the environment. Arrange eco-friendly cleaning products that do not generate harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.

Indoor Air Purifying Plants

If you are the HR professional or a part of the company management, consider arranging indoor air purifying plants for your workplace. Selecting the right kind of air-purifying plants and putting them correct positions in the workplace will detoxify the air. It will make your workplace healthier and cleaner to breathe in. Learn more about Desk Plants to Improve Employee Well-being

Replace HVAC Filters on a Frequent Basis

HVAC filters must be replaced with new ones or repair on a regular basis. It will not allow dust particles or pollutants from circulating around the workplace atmosphere.

Enough Ventilation

Poor ventilation in the workplace causes harmful impacts on employees’ health and well-being. When there is no sufficient ventilation in the workplace, it leads to less movement of air in the room which further increases the level of carbon dioxide and lowers the amount of oxygen.

Test Air Quality

Each organization must have a provision of testing air quality on a timely basis. It will help you with the right metrics and information which is required to strategize an accurate and reliable improvement plan.


HR persons and business owners must emphasize the need for improving the indoor air quality of the workplace to minimize its adverse impact on employees’ health and well-being. When the IAQ (indoor air quality) degrades in the workplace, it results in various health issues such as infections in respiratory tracts, allergy and various skin diseases. Appropriate measures such as keeping your workplace clean with chemical-free disinfectants, regular changing of AC filters, enough space for air ventilation must be taken to keep the air clean.

Are your employees frequently facing health and well-being issues which hamper their work engagement and business productivity? Reach us to implement a targeted employee wellness program at your workplace.