Ways HR Can Manage Employee Well-being in the Workplace amid COVID-19 Crisis

Ways HR Can Manage Employee Well-being in the Workplace amid COVID-19 Crisis

Global pandemic COVID-19 has emerged to severely impact the corporate world including every individual employee and the way the workforce performs its duties in the workplace. The pandemic has changed the way of controlling the workplace atmosphere in terms of health and well-being. Businesses need to get prepared to protect the health and well-being of employees with more awareness in the workplace than ever after this crisis to prevent the virus spread. This is the right time to take corporate health check-up package for your company in order to screen your employees before resuming operations in the workplace.

The well-being of employees if managed poorly in the workplace, businesses could face serious consequences owing to infection spread and operational loss. Here, we have come up with some of the important focus areas for HR professionals to ensure employee well-being in the workplace.

Ways HR can Manage Employee Well-being amid COVID-19 Crisis

Promoting Hygiene and Social Distancing in the Workplace

Implement common hygiene practises in the workplace and instruct your employees to follow the same. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is imperative to understand the significance of cleanliness, handwashing and social hygiene practises. Additionally,

  • Ask your employees not to join the office if they are unwell & producing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Within office building, ensure all frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, buttons in elevators, mouse & keyboards, tables & work desks are regularly sanitised to avoid any risk of contamination.
  • Provide handwash and tissues in the washrooms.
  • Guide your employees on handwashing & sanitising through authentic educational resources.

Boosting Immunity of Employees

To keep employees healthy, start communicating immunity-boosting tips with them at the organizational level. You can consider

  • Conducting on-site fitness activities with a limited number of employees so everyone follows social distancing.
  • Organizing online fitness sessions through webinars to avoid gathering and benefit everyone at home.
  • Subsidizing healthy meals at the office cafeteria.
  • Organizing step challenge activity using digital wellness platforms.
  • Conducting sessions on diet & nutrition on a regular basis so employees get benefitted.

Improving Quality of Air in the Workplace

Ensure the workplace building is properly ventilated as the poor ventilation leads to poor air quality that eventually causes the spread of the virus. Proper air filtration and humidity levels are imperative to protect the health and well-being of the workforce. Take appropriate measures to improve the quality of air in the workplace.

Managing Stress

COVID-19 crisis has raised the emotional stress levels of employees especially those who are asked to stay quarantined for two weeks as a part of a precautionary measure. This is because of a lack of social interaction blocks the thought sharing among people.


The deadly COVID-19 has changed the thought process of organizations drastically in terms of keeping their workplaces safe from being impacted with contamination. HR professionals must consider the abovementioned action points to resume operations in their workplaces to maintain the health and safety of employees amid this virus spread.

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