Wellness Trends That Are Sure To Make A Buzz This Season

Wellness Trends That Are Sure To Make A Buzz This Season


2018 drifts towards mindfulness and holistic wellness, and we couldn’t be happier. The more people join this mindfulness train, the better it gets! This year the definition of “wellness” has broadened to include spiritual and mental wellness in addition to physical well-being. Let’s know what all wellness trends will make their mark this season.

1. Energy Healing and Mindfulness
2018 wellness takes a turn for metaphysical. This year we see more energy healing practices popping up that include regular meditation, Yoga Nidra sessions, and mindfulness, as well as Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing,  breathwork, Sound Healing, and more.

2. Wellness Getaways
This year people are deliberate to conveniently get away, turn off their phones, and tune out the world. Considering the popularity of already-existing meditation and yoga weekend retreats, wellness getaways are definitely going to up their game this season.

3. Digital Detoxes
We’ve learned just how addicting the media we consume can be, and we’re all set for the digital detox. This year wellness will hold way more than sweating buckets at the gym –  a lot of participation in TV, social media, and phone detoxes will be observed.

4. Grabbing The Zzzz’s
Forget anxiety-inducing, 2018 kicks collective nap to start. This year we’ll start taking naps more seriously.  As we understand that it’s not ‘cool’ anymore to be so busy that we don’t eat, take care of ourselves or sleep. We know that sleep decreases anxiety, balance our hormones and allows our body to restore itself.

5. Building Positivity
Seriously, let go of the haters’ and ‘standard’ beauty type. All of us are equally beautiful, and our differences make us interesting and unique. In 2018, let’s subscribe to the idea that there is no single definition of beauty. Instead, we should celebrate all sizes, shapes, beliefs, colours, abilities, and identifications.

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