What are the 3 Cs of Crisis Management

What are the 3 Cs of Crisis Management

Today the global pandemic COVID-19 has pushed the world towards a big crisis. It has made everything changed from the way we live to the way we work. The global economy is predicted to move to a big phase of recession as businesses have lost their way and rhythm to smoother operations amid this crisis.

This COVID-19 outbreak has caused so much anxiety and insecurity among all of us whether its employee or employers. Hence the crisis management becomes crucial for the organizations for the sustainability of the business to stay on top during this difficult phase. Many big business and political leaders have been communicating with people facing COVID-19 lock-down to give them support and motivation. Every time the 3 C’s of crisis management manifest in their motivational speeches. The 3 Cs of crisis management are care, compassion and convey optimism. If any organization follow these crucial points in a difficult time, can win the trust of their employees and they will work more responsible for the company’s growth. So let’s see below an explanation of the 3 cs of crisis management.

3 Cs of Crisis Management


Most of the crisis situations with the company arises from the lack of care for the company’s previous critical phase. So the company must quickly admit the mistakes and start notifying their employees and media about the remedial plan to manage the crisis. You must show care for the company in every critical situation.

Let’s understand the value of caring in today’s scenario when the entire world is facing the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Many big leaders and representatives of different countries are coming in front of the media to address their nations to talk about different caretaking plans and activities for the people. This will not only help people not to panic but also foster trust among them in this difficult situation. Showing care reduces fear among people and disperse the positivity to support the unity of the nation.


The second C to manage a crisis is “Compassion”. As a company, you must have compassion along with care for the group of people impacted by the crisis. Potential victims of the crisis must be addressed frequently to actively listen to their needs and show compassion to lower the pessimism. In the current COVID-19 crisis, it becomes very significant for the leaders to stay compassionate for the health and safety of their people and employees.

Convey Optimism

The senior leaders whether of an organization or a country should convey the message of hope and optimism at the time of crisis to avoid a panic among people. Humans adhere the emotional qualities so a sense of hope at the time of crisis can bind them together for a common cause. Giving your people a sense of optimism can be as simple as lightening candle with them giving a message of togetherness. At the same time, your actions for the victims of the crisis must be effective so the hope given by you may sustain with them. For example, give them a clear idea about what the government or organization is doing to help them in this difficult situation.


The above 3 Cs can save any organization or country from the crisis being formed larger in future. You must ensure that whatever the message you deliver at the time of crisis comprises of 3 Cs otherwise it will deliver the wrong motive which may induce pessimism among people.

During the COVID-19 crisis, corporate employees may face psychological disorders or have a feeling of loneliness, anxiety, stress or fatigue due to lack of physical activity in the lock-down period. Truworth Wellness stands with the employers in this critical time to protect their employees through the new employee assistance program.

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