Why Employee Wellness is Top Priority for Companies after Coronavirus Pandemic

Why Employee Wellness is Top Priority for Companies after Coronavirus Pandemic

The global economy is passing through a tough phase of a recession caused by coronavirus pandemic. This has made the corporate world put employee health & well-being on the top of the priority list. Workplace wellness measures amid this crisis can be an investment for a corporation that will turn to increase benefits such as improved employee well-being and business performance.

The whole world is navigating to adapt to the new norms in the workplace as well as family owing to the COVID-19 crisis. In these new norms employee wellness is predicted to be the most important part of workplace strategy. So every organization must connect its workforce with workplace wellness without any further delay and should continue even after the crisis falls short. A targeted wellness strategy in the workplace will ensure smooth business operations and assiduity to face such troubles in future.

Employee Wellness on top Priority for Companies post COVID-19

Companies should not consider workplace wellness as a part of social responsibility to benefit employees but a strategic step to improve business performance as the employees who are physically and mentally fit can contribute to a healthier business.

Key Areas to Focus on

Employers must focus on these five key areas to keep the workplace safe from the novel coronavirus:

  • Instruct every employee to maintain proper hygiene and social distancing in the workplace.
  • Promote a lifestyle of well-being that includes exercise, meditation and nutritious diet in the workplace.
  • Take measures to improve the indoor air quality of the workplace building. The Government of India has already issued guidelines on air quality and AC usage in offices and homes to lower the COVID-19 risks.
  • Facilitate flexibility in working hours and work from home as far as the novel coronavirus is still widespread.
  • Implement stress management in the workplace as prolong sitting can cause stress which is known to weaken the immune system. People with a weak immune system are highly suspicious of being infected from coronavirus.
  • Your future plans to improve well-being in the workplace must focus on making the workplace building green including various lifestyle related amenities.

Corporate wellness programs become imperative for companies in future even after the threats of COVID-19 lower. It will help to maintain the new norms to stay protected from infections in the workplace hence it improves the well-being and productivity of employees.